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lil things people do that make my day

9 Dec

The ever thoughtful Soo Fern brought back some homemade popiahs to be shared amongst her fellow friends. I salivate each time i think about the popiahs she brought us when we were in Malacca during sem 3 hols. They were seriously HUGE and SUCCULENT. Not to mention really tasty too:) This time around she got us the fried version. And it tastes just as GOOD..yummmmm:) thanks girl!


an italian(nies) affair

9 Dec

It was one of the BEST makan outings i’ve had in a very very long time.
twas after class few weeks ago and being a typical Friday night it was, we girls decided to pay The Gardens a visit and chill.
After checking out the place and consulted the directory, we agreed to dine in Italiannies. My first time there was wayyyyy back when i was still in INTEC and i remember how much we liked their complimentary bread served with vinegar we asked for extra we were so full by the time our food came. Well, history did certainly repeat itself again this time. It was just too irresistible kay.

We chose to sit next to the window thinking that we would be able to enjoy kay-el’s breathtaking night view. Well, lets just say the waiters are more pleasant to look at. nuff said. 😛

We started off our dinner with chicken lasagna and BOY it was delicious!!! One of the BEST i had in a very very long time. I shall not go into details about how creamy or how the pasta was baked to perfection with my favourite combination of chicken,cheese and god-knows-what else that was added to make us go Ooh- la-la. i am no food blogger. hence pardon me if i’m vocabulary-ly challenged in terms of food descriptions. ( i will try to not use delicious, nice or yummy too often)


we also ordered salmon pizza. something unique i would say. but its a love-hate relationship. either u *heart* it or u will toss it aside after the first bite.

salmon pizza

well, anyways here comes the part where i tell you why this is one of our best dinner ever.hehe. u see, after being smothered with attention by most of the waiters, the uber cute manager came and asked us if the food was alright and if we have anything to comment. After he left, one of the waiter came and tell us that we will be getting free dessert complimentary from the manager himself. boy we were so excited we chose tiramisu being the most expensive dessert listed in the its chef’s recommended also la.LOL.

Our cream brulee came and it was divine although we thought it would be better if the caramel layer was more burnt. We did sound our thought to one of the waiters.hehe. However, nothing beats the tiramisu that was layered with ice-cream and served with kahlua choc (or was it coffee??). We went ooh and ahh as we sank our teeth into these heavenly desserts. We basically had multiple orgasms that very night from main course till dessert. thank God we didnt order any appetizers.

creme brulee

after 5 mins

When the bill came, we were even more delighted to find out that we weren’t charged the 5% gov tax that comes with most bills. First undivided attention from the waiters, then free dessert and now this?? It must be our lucky night, or maybe cos they think we were some food bloggers or maybe plainly cos we were a bunch of lengluis? waddaya think?:P

it was a happy happy night nevertheless:)

us with the waiters

not an avid blogger

9 Dec

A friend commented that i only blog during exams and that i should update my blog more often. The thing is, i only feel like blogging when i’m emo and as much as i LOVE posting images to make my descriptions more vivid i am a technical noob and hence my alignments more often than not goes haywire. that explains why my blog (multiply) are left with only stressed out entries = all words and zero image

will start anew. maybe i’ll get luckier here.LOL. and will try to blog more often