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a reptilian affair

11 Dec

we went to a reptile show organised in conjunction with xmas celebration after being conned by jase 😛
it was a good show indeed although i super duper regretted for not bringing my camera. i carried a python kay..for the FIRST TIME in my life. it was super heavy and i could feel its organs or whatever muscles beneath its skin moving under my hands.yikes.and very scaly too!!
a good experience nevertheless, but i seriously have to tabik yen nee. she coolly came when we wanted to pose with a smallerwhateverspeciesthatwas snake and said, ‘dont worry, its just like carrying a snake handbag”. wth. she seriously is an exotic bimbo..LOL

sorry ahyi, i didnt mean to squeeze ur flesh out..i was too petrified.LOL
*note yennee the cool*

can see yieng’s freaked outbutstillwanaactcute face.LOL

when we have acclimatised *wink*

of CNS and camera

11 Dec

had a lecture on CNS introduction with prof. Yeoh today. something she said caught my attention ( not that i dont listen to her..hehe..dont get me wrong..although i do have the tendency to drift off to Timbaktu every now and then..)
she mentioned that a person may have been involved in an accident but will normally show no sign of brain disorder until several years later. the damage could already be present right after the accident, but maybe due to the plasticity of his brain somehow he managed to bypass all the symptoms until probably like 20 years later where he could succumb to epileptic fits, or any other symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury. she also mentioned it has sth to do with neuroadaptation but of course i wont go into details..not that i really remember also..:P
the thing is, it was not the condition of the patient that interest me nor it is the enigma that surrounds the complexity of our CNS..i was actually thinking about my camera..
u see, few days back i dropped my one-month-old baby ixus on SOLID CONCRETE when it was in shooting mode. blame my carelessness:( but till now, it has been working fine except for the few microscopic scratches it acquired during the fall. i could do nothing to save when it slipped through my hands and landed with a CLANK. it was a loud one indeed.sobs. i hate my terrible slow reflexes. i am now worried that it could’ve been damaged during the fall but is still showing no symptoms yet..a few screws loose perhaps? i really dunno..sigh..i hope it will survive for the next few years or so..*fingers crossed*