16 Dec

it was Jogoya’s 2nd anniversary and ladies get 50% off while gents get a complimentary Prawn Cuisine. As for supper from 10 to 12pm, there would free flow of wines and cocktails. This offer is however valid from only Monday to Wednesday and will be ending on the 18th of Dec. We were lucky enough to get a table for 16 peeps about 2 weeks back. However it wasnt a very pleasant episode when i had to call and book the place. The receptionist on the other end of the line was not fluent in English AT ALL. i had a superbly hard time trying to convey my message. Since my canto and mandarin sucks (yeah, im a banana), i had to converse in english. I had to dictate WORD by WORD and yet she couldnt get me. To be fair, maybe my English sucks too.sigh..

well, we celebrated yennee’s bday there since its on thurs so we thought we could try the supper there on Wed night. plus, the free flow of alcohol was really tempting. Food was kinda scarce (although i ordered practically all the cod fish dishes there:P), cocktails suck too ( it tasted more like carbonated drinks), red wine was Ok, company was GREAT and we camwhored a great deal. kesian the boyfriends aka photographers:P

heres a peek of what some of us had:)our table:)

steamed shallow fish
sashimi galore

cod fish teriyaki..mmmMMmmm

stir fry asparagus


chinese herbal jelly (one of the nicest ive had) and some choco ball
thai coconuts and red wine
unlimited baskin robbins and haagen dazs:)

after all the food, we camwhored a great deal too. with every single corner of the restaurant:P cant help it u know.hehe


customary toilet piccie

one of my fav calla lily:)

the bday girl and her darliiinggg

nevertheless, no more jogoya for me pls. this is already my 3rd time there and ive tried practically everything. all the food was not bad, good variety of choices but nth to shout about though. nice ambience too:)

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