wei ken’s ‘BIG’ day @ SOULed OUT

16 Dec

It must be ken’s most memorable birthday EVER. Liverpool lost to Man U by 1-0. and he had his head smashed into his cake. Miss meiwen was his unlucky charm throughout the whole match. Clad in hot red halter top, she gave ken his most memorable bday pressie ever when she ‘passionately’ cheered for liverpool. imagine, 4 close calls but not a single goal..wth?? van der Sar was the man of the match. we had fun looking at ken’s expressions while jase was emo and pouty at another corner of the table 😛 right after the match we sang ken his well deserved hapPY birthday song and to get back to us, he ‘decorated’ our faces with his bday cake.. sore loser..eessh..You’ll never walk alone NOT!!

the food there was good though.flo,ahyi and i had the lime chilli sea bass while some of the guys ate chicken chop . hueywuen’s pizza was superb too with its ultra thin crust:) huey wuen’s pizza

my chilli lime seabass

chicken chop

alvin’s fettucine marinara

multiple shots of depressionshockandembarassment after the match:P

after ken got cake-dunked:P

all of us:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUYEH!! i hope u had a great one..muahahaha!!

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