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of xmas party and bangkok jazz

17 Dec

Had our class xmas party earlier in mph. huiling and her committee members did a FANTASTIC job in decorating the place and cheerios also to those who contributed in making the event a HUGE success:)

*heart* my xmas gifts from my secret santas:)

not applicable to flora though. thanks to all our kawan kawan sekalian that blurted it was you:P ( love the giraffe’s stubby legs..LOL)
and thanks to angelthian for such a thoughtful card…mmmwaaHHhH:)
and hung jen for ur cute figurine. im still searching for the secret santa that got me my pressies in the uber cute polka dot cardboard bag:)

the pretty decor

yumpo and i

the irresistable snowman

future pharmacists

before the party ended, we left to celebrate yieng’s early bday since most of us are leaving for home right before her BIG day. We headed to Bangkok Jazz to chill and drink after contemplating for a super long time. After like 20mins, the electricity went off and the manager came to tell us that it will be alright after 15-30mins. Ok. we were just to tired to move elsewhere and being the nice ppl we are, we stayed and chat and waited PATIENTLY for the lights to come on again. half an hour passed. still no electricity. and then this Malay waitress came and gave us our bill. Million was charged for a drink that never came. That Malay waitress insisted it came and had the cheek to smell our drinks randomly and said that her Gunner was served. it was our drinks Ok.WTH. talk about manners and good service. She cant even speak to us properly and left us in the dark without saying anything. we were like, what the hell is going on??? the bill came back and yet there was mistake but then again we shrugged it off since it was of the same price. thank goodness the manager was nice enough to apologize. that cooled us down a earlier he gave us 2 free complimentary drinks. that kinda compensated for the darkness and lousy manners from his waitress. sorry to say this but this is gonna be our first and last time. overall the drinks were OK except for that teeny ugly episode with that waitress.and paiseh to yieng also. her first time celebrating bday with chimuis and it had to turn out like this. but i hope she had fun nevertheless:)

acting cute again:P