home sweet home

20 Dec

one month in KL had never felt so long before..it felt like ages since i came back to my good ol’ BM. skipped a couple of classes so that i can spend an extra of 24 hours at home..SHhHHhhH..:P

nothing beats the familiarity that i yearn for each time im away. it just feels good knowing that no matter how far you’ve gone to, theres always a place called home for you to come back to, unconditionally. i love seeing the excitement on my sis’s face when im back, and listening to my mum’s nagging knowing that it was done purely out of concern, chocs left by my dad when hes outstation ( as compensation :P) or my bro’s smirk when he looks at me and tells me that ive gained a few pounds:P..it feels good to be treated like a princess when im home, knowing that these ppl i call family will always accept me as who i am or whom ive become. i love them for loving me unconditionally and will forever be grateful for that:)

sorry for that short emo post, im bored and still overwhelmed from the joy of being at home:P

anyways, i watched Enchanted again with my sis. Had another dose of my McDREAMY aka Patrick Dempsey. He’s utterly charming and gorgeous!!!!!i love love love!!! i wonder when will i have my happy ever after *grins*

made sushi with my sis later in the evening. i was kinda reluctant at first since i had not really recovered from jogoya but i gave in after she persuaded me for like 10mins:P got our stuffs from giant and carrefour. i was surprised that they actually sell ebiko separately.hehe.
our first time though, so pardon me if they dont look so pretty..hehe

2 Responses to “home sweet home”

  1. huiyin at 1:56 pm #

    haha its ok lar..
    sushi’s healthy, less fat, so can eat more LOL..
    yeah home’s good..as always..=))

  2. yieng at 10:05 am #

    home is always good..

    very the good!

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