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shit didnt happen

5 Jan

went out to midval after class yday thinking that i might be able to get a few good bargains from zara and mng. plus renu wanted to get her panasonic lumix fx-33. zara was a disappointment. most items were only like 20-30bucks much for a 70% discount board erected right in front of the shop. as for mng, nth much was left. all the clothes were surprisingly neatly folded on the shelves. sigh. but on a brighter note, renu did manage to get her Panny. it was a good bargain though. another plus point would be the guy that served us.hehe.he was cute *wink*
conclusion is. I DINDNT get anything. *claps* *cheers* *applause*

im sure you’ve read and heard aplenty since our ex-health minister admitted that he was the guy in the sex dvd. my first reaction was like, WHOA, that old man’s ‘gun’ still can function ka.hebat. then only realisation dawned upon me that he’s gonna be our country’s EX health minister soon. im feeling remorseful as our country is about to lose another leader with tremendous caliber. duty and responsibility-wise. i was pretty sure this is political assasination. im not saying that whatever he had done was right. but if his wife and family can accept his mistake why cant we.who are we to judge? he’s a man. im sure there are other male political leaders who had committed such ‘extracurricular activities’ but i dont remember the press making such a big deal out of it. or the government. i guess they were careful enough than to let a stalker into the bedroom and film their hanky-panky with their personal friend.i am not pointing fingers but im sure they know who they are.
i hope our new acting health minister would do a great job. if not better:)

anyways, i was in elab the other day and we decided to check out if there were any videos related to dr. chua’s little rendezvous. what we stumbled across was instead a REAL OFFICE SCANDAL. it was disgusting cos it happened in an elevator of a posh public company. the man was old enough to be the girl’s father.goodness. and they were making out. and the girl was clad in her baju kurung. and im sure the man has a wife (or a few) and several kids my age.i might as well watch a nun kiss. what happened to the significance of baju kurung? its association to the more courteous and shy section of the Malay community? i guess people nowadays have evolved. more ‘adventurous’ i would say. well, it just disgusts the hell outta me. it would be a different case if it was gabrielle solis in the elevator.i would understand:P

ok, back to my cancer report. wanted to do discussion since 2 days ago but had been stuck in the heading till now.aih