18 Jan
i cant stand it when…
  • some people thinks they have the upper hand in EVERY decision that has to be made just because they have the means to do so or because they think theyre betrothed with the ‘title’ to do so. pls, i really dun need another mother/principal/dicipline teacher that sets the rules and expects everyone to adhere to it without prior discussion.
  • i see some of my peers bellitling others academically just because theyre sponsored by the government and hence ‘suppose to be’ one of the smartest in the country. i am not that soleh but this irritates me alot. it may be subconscious but its OBVIOUS. everybody is made equal and hence one may be better than you in things that u might not have even heard of. its not always about the A’s or dean’slist or godknowswhatshit award that they present to you for ‘self-saticfactions’s’ sake.
  • certain people CONSTANTLY coming to me and sound his/her worries about future event thats not even taking place yet. yes, i worry too but i do not need to be reminded EVERYDAY. and i know, its a good thing to think further but i dont think sounding your worries all the time will do anything to help at all. i dont even know if i will make it through today so the last thing i need to hear is all this blablabla. moderation is the key.
  • people do not know how to take no for an answer. do i have to say yess all the time just to make you happy. yes, the truth always hurt but pls act like an adult and deal with it.
  • your hipocrisy shines so BRIGHT its blinding u turn me away. u may think its subtle but its not.

sorry for my rantings. just cant help it when im irritated.may sound trivial but im just super irritated. i think its PMS-post menstrual syndrome. or pre-exam syndrome. or current-homesick syndrome. so not healthy.

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