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what happens when….

21 Jan

whatever u watched in those TVB dramas come to me, things can turn out uglier than it appears in that electronic box. minus all those chiseled, buffed, pretty actors it is a total different scenario when u have to see it with your own eyes, or if not hear it from witnesses themselves.

yes, my neighbour’s husband left her for a younger and hotter chick. typical of a philandering businessman.sorry for stereotyping.and boy the whole ordeal was catastrophic. before he left her, he hit her a number of times and managed to influence all his kids into thinking that their mother is a psycho and evil. and he hit her real hard, i saw the bruises with my own naked eyes. the neighbours advised her to go to the police but when she did, the officers couldn’t be bothered. my heart went out to her when her husband and their kids left her as well as cutting the electric and water supply to the house. how cruel can people get? c’mon, u dont even do this to a stranger lor for heavens’ sake what more to a person u spent the last 20 years with.. and as for all her 4 daughters, i seriously cant put myself in their shoes and figure out why they can conspire with their dad and be brutal to their mum. i mean, of course there are times u feel like ‘killing’ her for all the naggings and stuffs. but it eventually will go away. u dont keep the grudge with u and hate her so passionately. earlier, my sis called. the husband and her kids came. they wanted to chase her out of the house. or to scare her. they were so forceful the whole stainless steel gate came crashing dowN..WTF???? my sis was traumatised lor. it was really a loud BANG. wtf???what happened to civilisation? cant they settle this like civilised human beings? are all those yellings and physical attacks necessary???i really have nothing to say…feels like stone age all over again