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a food fair like no other

28 Feb

call me bias, but i must say the food fair organised by my batch was one of the best by far ever held in imu *winks*

*thumbs up* to the food fair committee for doing such a splendid job 🙂

let the piccies speak for themselves 🙂

we sold coleslaw, soya pudding and hash brown.thanks jean for helping out 🙂
ps: it was great catching up with ya jean..cya in pg soon..hugss

it was great meeting you zeuven dear!!:)

greedy pig on rampage..hehe

apple crumble and swak laksa

the apple crumble and sarawak laksa crews 🙂

chloe, yieng, jiahui and huibee 🙂

caught red handed..lydia curi makan!!

yilyn the guinea pig of their mushroom soup

garlic toasts to go with their soup 🙂

we even had bubble milk tea.jacinta looks damn pro here 😛

choccolate fondue by the bpharmers 🙂

“eh, not enough pai tee fillings larr”, says silai chia hong

delicious pai tee 🙂

blueberry cheesetarts frm berry’s


we had sushis too 🙂

and herbals eggs

and satay celup imported all the way from melaka..:)

yumpo’s specialty…no wonder ulou was smitten..the way to a man’s heart is really his stomach uh 😛

mari kita tangkap ikan

my fish..more like ikan bilis..that also i had to *cough* *cheat* *cough* to catch it

henna artists at work 🙂

shinhun the nightingale of imu

and not forgetting the all pharmacy rejects that injected life into the event 🙂

suvyen, jean, moi and teased by yieng after this shot..blueks

we even had our very own version of Deal or no Deal…cool leh!!

pc insisted on being the only guy here..damn miang

then it was our turn with the ‘revlon’ girls 😛

nth to do..camwhore lorrr

look at the wad of cash in debbie’s hand

coincidence or not??? *winks*

vco the lamest joker in class 😛

my lenglui mentee and i 🙂

jam packed 🙂

even before the food fair ended, i was already on the north-south highway heading home for study break..i kinda disappeared according to some..LOL

well, studying in vista is just too depressing..:P

here are some random piccies i took along the highway..wanted to fill up my memory card..hehe

have an ‘ENJOYABLE’ study break everyone!!

study hard!!


bloatified.. AGAIN!!!

24 Feb

yes. it was another buffet. together with huiyin, yihui and honfai

a superbly damn worth it cheap buffet in Noble House in bkt bintang.

it was only rm39++ not inclusive of tax..we ate to our hearts’ content. after the first hour i was already halfway surrendering. but saw everybody still mar eat lor..kiasu mar..LOL

the thing we liked about the place was that new dishes kept coming and of course we didnt know that. we thought the ones on display earlier was all we could savour. so we were full by the time they replenished old dishes with new ones..boOHoo..thank god for the loo *winks*

and tastewise wasnt exactly mindblowing la. certain dishes were good. some were just so depends 😛

CAUTION: picture overload!! get ready to drool..hehe

posh surrounding

lavish spread of goodies



some fishy fritters

some fish roll with century egg..i thought it was too bland

prawn/fish shooters..this is good 🙂

baby octopus..oo la la

superb peking duck 🙂

cheesy escargot

giant scallop

braised mushroom in beancurd.nice:)

lobster salad 🙂

very delicious roast duck 🙂

huiyin’s braised duck or sth

pork ribs

siu pak choi..had tonnes of this..hehe

deep fried aubergine.yummm

white fungus with poached pear

honfai’s fav kuih melayu (direct translation frm canto)

enuf of food piccies liao. damn malas wana upload all 😛

lets see some human beings for a change 🙂

first, lets start of with the very ultra bloated girl (shes gonna kill me for this..LOL)

to jaga her was actually done deliberately..LOL

all happily Bloatified!!

temporary freedom :P

23 Feb

Had class photoshoot for convo mag right after our class test yesterday. dammit thank god i lathered layers of foundation on my face. otherwise my eyebags would be the highlight in the class photos. yes. it was that bad..i could feel the swell 😛

pharmacists in the making

then we also had some post-photoshoot activities 🙂 the making of pontianak harum sundal malam 😛
we proceeded to some jumping piccies..wanted to show how ‘gleeful’ it is to study in IMU.blueks

and pic of the day,

diana the great..LOL

later had dinner in Planet Hollywood. Food was great, company was great and the band was awesome!!! it feels like hols already..

later that night it only dawned upon me study break is just around the corner…boooHOoo

but dun care…enjoy kao kao first..die later..LOL..

tequila lime was good but tad too dry..hehe

best Caesar’s Salad ive ever had..*orgasmic*

ah yi’s chicken salad

all the girls 🙂 sweet 🙂

outside the loo

cute mirror

group photo

twas a great day to compensate the depression that engulfed us before exams..

and a celebration to commemorate the last class test we’re gonna ever have in IMU..woohooo!!!

going to some fine cantonese cuisine in Noble House tmr..cant wait…HEHE

beautiful people

20 Feb

it is an emotional art for a person to be able to have sky-high confidence in what he/she does and yet be so humble about it.

to be a genius and yet cherishes the thoughts of others cos everybody is different in their own ways and hence have different mindset.

to be able to raise him/herself above others without making others feel like they’re beneath him/her.

to be able to put a smile on a friend’s face and say the right things when things are at the utmost low.

to have the willingness to go the extra mile for a friend even though it might not be in his/her favour.

to know when to draw a line to his/her sarcasm. sometimes its funny most of the time Not.

to know its important to have good communication and people skills all the time and not only cos its required by our profession.

to be able to interact with people from all walks’ of life at ease.

to know when to stop talking and start listening to others. a combination of different music notes always sound better than a loud flat treble no?

to be able to share his/her thoughts with another without appearing too full of him/herself.

to know how to sell him/herself to the superiors in a sophisticated manner and yet be so humble when grandiosity is not necessary.

this is totally random. i just like to observe people 🙂
its an excuse to get away from PP2 for a short while 😛


19 Feb

i love my tutor for being not prejudiced nor angry with me for performing way below par for my biopharm class test. im not talking about making 5 mistakes and making a hooha out of it like some people do.

thank god he didnt give me the lecture on how-sponsored-students-are-supposed-to-maintain-good-academicrecords
-throughout-all-the-semesters. thanks for being understanding. i was already close to tears.

i must say that my consistency depends alot on 50% luck and 50% memory. on that fateful morning of exam, my amethyst bracelet broke, mr. cockroach said hi to me and my stomach was churning from food poisoning. i felt jinxed the whole day. yes, im superstitious. but i went on and faced the paper with a smile cos i filled my mind with thoughts of going home the next day. but still feel a tinge of jinx nevertheless. it didnt go away. so it was 10%luck left and prolly 35% memory. that totally didnt help.

i tried to be optimistic. ive not seen good results in a while. im afraid that the happiness i had from better results in the past would not be enough to sustain me emotionally if things are still going downhill.

i keep telling myself to buck up, study hard if not HARDER. a fren told me she feels worthless cos she feels like shes the weakest academically among some of her peers. i gave her the do-not-compare-yourself-to-others-cos-u-are-perfect-in-your-own-ways speech to console her but i was actually trying to comfort myself?

i duno man. didnt mean to be emo. just a class test anyways. just that the amount of effort i put in was not justified. you dont normally get to reap what u sow do you?


18 Feb

yes. like ive mentioned before. i LOVE fireworks.

thanks to some orang kaya that fed my fetish earlier.

so kaya, they had to play their fireworks on the 12th day of cny. when its all quiet and boring. so that everybody will run to the balcony and look at their amazing display of fireworks.

it was AMAZING nevertheless. it lasted for like almost 15mins. hehe

ps: sorry for the jakun-ish comments we made. pls ignore 😛

whipped ocean

16 Feb

Suddenly the shoreline north of Sydney were transformed into the Cappuccino Coast .. Foam swallowed an entire beach and half the nearby buildings, including the local lifeguards’ centre, in a freak display of nature at Yamba in New South Wales .

to read more, click here

its like my childhood fantasy coming true. i remember how i used to make foams out of my body shampoo and stayed in the tub for hours fantasizing about god-knows-what.

imagine a whole sea of foam. im so jealous.