‘rich’ girl

1 Feb

woke up to the most wonderful news i’ve heard in months..our allowance came in!!!with increment and all. boy we were all so excited all of us took turns to hog the atm machine in IMU. minds wandered to Midvalley and Pavilion during Skin Disease lecture. beaming faces could be seen scattered all over the lecture theater. i was exceptionally happy i was smiling at random strangers that walked pass me.

the downside was that i had to go home instead of joining my chimuis shopping. as tempted as i was i did not succumb and instead went home to pack.

i was already at the lrt station when i realised i forgot my laptop adapter.wth.and i removed my battery already. i had to run all the way back to my room under the scorching hot sun to get it.damn paiseh yieng and yihui had to wait for me in the end. and i thought i was early initially.bleah

upon reaching pudu, i was shocked to find out the my bus left at 3pm.wtf. i thought it was suppose to leave at 3.30pm?? only then i realised 3.00pm was printed on my tic. i requested for 3.30pm when i got my tic earlier and somehow i remembered the lady behind the counter giving me my tic. i checked the date, seating num, and everything else but the TIME. to think that i was early when i was actually 15 mins late. its ironic cos these buses never leave on time. minimum pun 15mins later than designated time. when i needed the bus to leave later it was on time and vice versa. i was on the verge of hopping into the next lrt and meet my chums in midvalley.seriously.haha.my senses got better hold of me and i bought another bus tic bac.rm48 to balik kampung.my first charity after checking my account balance.LOL.maybe its a sign that i should not go home just yet. shouldve stayed and shopped first.haha

first thing when i woke up in the noon the next day, i flew to pacific to get my camera fixed. turns out that i had ‘fungus’ infection on the lens. a very rare case and normally happens only on a dslr’s lens. how lucky eh?? i had to send it bac after cny to get it serviced. gonna miss it lots.2 whole weeks without my cam is gonna be agonizing.

walked aimlessly and stumbled across a pair of Levi’s Lady Style dark denim studded with swarovski stones on the rear pockets..me LOVE LOVE LOVE!! im a bling fan and hence the nxt most natural thing i did was, i bought it. in less than 15mins:P
i was a lil discontented cos the label was sewn slightly crooked. the finishing on the label was not perfect.but ive already altered the jeans so i could not change it.SOBS. although i would not wear anything so short to expose the label, i just wanted it to be perfect. for self satisfaction. i paid so much for my jeans kay!! maybe i can get it to some of the shops in kl and ask if they can do anything about it.sigh.shouldve noticed it earlier. but i was too busy checking the length and i didnt notice.i mean that would be the last place u’ll look right??double sigh.but i still love it nevertheless:)

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