t’was a good day

3 Feb

3 of us adik-beradik ditched our mum at grandparents’ place in pg and went on a shopping spree!!good food, had a few good laughs, and good sales!! got myself 4 tops, cropped pants, shorts, 2 pairs of heels, a comb, nail polish, a hairband, and a few other stuffs. wanted a pair of purple sneakers frm Converse but well, i thought it was enough for the day. i was walking like a ‘king kong’ from all the bags. but well, my bro suffered the most. followed us girls for 6 hours nonstop with all our purchases most of the time:P

being the nice taikajie i am i gave them a treat in Sakae Sushi. LOVE the place. better than Sushi King in my opinion. More variety and we did not have to go through slow waiters to place our orders. all we did was to key in everything we wanted to order in a computer. damn canggih wei:P

here’s a peek of some of the goodies we had:)

blossom something

yummy octopus

avocado temaki.wa sangat suka.rm1.90 sumor nia 😛

soft shell crabs..mMmmMMm

all time fav chawan mushi

some valentine’s special dragon star thingy 🙂

salmon bento

chinese new year songs were playing from every corner of queensbay. performances by some chinese orchestras were serenading all shoppers on a stage near the main entrance. the decor was splendid and it exudes nostalgia all over me 🙂 ahh, i lup cny!! esp when all those traditional cny songs get me all hyped up 🙂 to shop.blueks

when old days were all about sepia and black & white,

its colourful details like these that gives you a vivid reason to love what u can see when everything might seem bleak

last but not least,

my so-called semi bob 😛

happy getting ready for cny peeps..mmmWWaahHhh!!!


4 Responses to “t’was a good day”

  1. yieng February 3, 2008 at 5:25 pm #

    my goodness! you really did go for a shopping SPREE~ LOL
    and how come the bob hair pic so kecik la? cannot really see la..put bigger wan ma..
    and it seems nice la, the hairdo.

  2. huiyin February 4, 2008 at 3:52 am #

    haha yeah..and huiyen’s face actually looked so small LOL..
    ok, that was really enough shopping for the day..now u need another ship to ship your things over to uk..u ever enquired how much izit to book an entire ship?they might have a package or sth you know..

  3. huiyen February 4, 2008 at 7:33 am #

    i paiseh mar.small one will do la.to prevent my face from looking too big.blueks.neh, i wont book too many ships. wont wanna cause vessel traffic jam would i?haha.wa tarak baju ma.its only my second day of cny shopping.must understand my desire.blueks

  4. ~Christine~Leng February 4, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    you look great gal!
    Happy CNY in advance!! 🙂
    Have fun shopping!!

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