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4 Feb
Had reunion dinner with my fellow chums in and lou sang for the first time ever since we left school:) had not seen Dollie and Shuying in like was good catching up with old times and updating each other on our current affairs 😛 makan super the banyak, we were all ‘preggers’ by the time we adjourned to Swensens.

i hope i can still fit into my new clothes by cny…*fingers crossed*

i think jessy found a piece of salmon 😛
all of us 🙂

Celebrated Leong’s belated 23rd bday there as well. she was all smiles when her bday icecream (candles and all) came. hope she was not faking it 😛 jou almost pecah tembelang and i had to cover up cos she didnt get me. bleah. my acting skills are improving liao.hehe. met a few juniors there as well. this is the only time of the year when u get to see orang BM from all generations throng Autocity 😛

To jou and leong, hope i’ll see u guys again during cny and if not, have a safe journey to new zealand, and all the best yea!! love lotsss!! gonna miss u guys..tsk tsk