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Tao round 2

13 Feb

my dad is not a fan of jap food, so its very kind of him to actually bring all of us to Tao. majority wins.muahahha..poor old man.

but poor old man surprisingly ate so much when we got back the toilet became his second home…LOL

everybody liked the place except for the fact that some orders didnt come, and sometimes we had to wait for quite awhile before the food arrives.

and the whole place was jam packed. cny mar.hehe

we were early, so we walked around the place and camwhored a lil. well, more like i camwhored nia *winks*

the liqour bar..i want one of these in my house too!!

nice walkway

a kiss for the statue

everything in Tao is just so pretty..that includes the light in the restroom cubicle 😛

this was situated near the entrance..have no idea what is it for *winks*

its makan time 🙂

1/3 of our sushi spread

crab salad

must-have tempuras

unagi don

grilled salmon..Mmm

general chicken

abalone..had heaps of this..keke

i realised that i was too busy eating i forgot to snap a pic of my all time fav scallops..eessh

orang tua saya yang dikasihi

my adik-adik 🙂

us 🙂