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hugs and kisses

15 Feb

had a singles outing yesterday. as usual. but the group had shrunk in size considerably *wink*

had lunch in Fusion Haven. Food was great, company was great and we were reminiscing the first time we were there after our FIRST class test (16mcqs)

life was much easier then. we’ve definitely come a long way since then 🙂

i thought i was gonna sleep through dinner. thank god the guys ajak-ed us out to makan. i was just joking when i said i was going to have candelit maggi mee dinner with ahyi. they got my hint.keke

(edited on request by ahyi)
after dinner, we had pomelo brought all the way from ipoh (by ahyi) accompanied with peach white wine courtesy of peilian from Luxembourg. It was a divine combination. the pomelo was oozing juices while the white wine was so smooth everyone was orgasmic after that. LOL. only white wine and pomelo. no dudes. thank god. god knows what we’ll do if theres any *WINK*

it was an oK day overall. nth much to shout about. i was instead looking forward to all the fireworks cos all the hokkiens would ‘pai tin gong’ accompanied with lavish spread of delicacies, prayers paraphernalia, and lotsa fireworks. yes, i LOVE fireworks. gosh i felt homesick more than ever.

not forgetting, thanks chiyuan for the handmade rose. its very pretty. thanks for taking the effort to put a smile on (20-30?) girls’ faces on such special occasion 🙂

i hope everybody had a great valentine’s day 🙂