beautiful people

20 Feb

it is an emotional art for a person to be able to have sky-high confidence in what he/she does and yet be so humble about it.

to be a genius and yet cherishes the thoughts of others cos everybody is different in their own ways and hence have different mindset.

to be able to raise him/herself above others without making others feel like they’re beneath him/her.

to be able to put a smile on a friend’s face and say the right things when things are at the utmost low.

to have the willingness to go the extra mile for a friend even though it might not be in his/her favour.

to know when to draw a line to his/her sarcasm. sometimes its funny most of the time Not.

to know its important to have good communication and people skills all the time and not only cos its required by our profession.

to be able to interact with people from all walks’ of life at ease.

to know when to stop talking and start listening to others. a combination of different music notes always sound better than a loud flat treble no?

to be able to share his/her thoughts with another without appearing too full of him/herself.

to know how to sell him/herself to the superiors in a sophisticated manner and yet be so humble when grandiosity is not necessary.

this is totally random. i just like to observe people šŸ™‚
its an excuse to get away from PP2 for a short while šŸ˜›

3 Responses to “beautiful people”

  1. Flora at 9:33 am #

    nice.. never knew you have such a ‘deep’ side of you when you’re usually bimbotic and ajar-ing sesat.

    haha jk. very good observations indeed. hehe.

  2. yieng at 9:39 am #

    haha…people watching is super relaxing ait?
    yes, i agree with flora..seems like you’ve quiet down some bit..

  3. huiyen at 9:52 am #

    eessH..thanks for the ‘compliment’.blueks

    me quiet down??LOL..i normally have the ability to use both eyes and mouth at the same time..LOL

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