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temporary freedom :P

23 Feb

Had class photoshoot for convo mag right after our class test yesterday. dammit thank god i lathered layers of foundation on my face. otherwise my eyebags would be the highlight in the class photos. yes. it was that bad..i could feel the swell 😛

pharmacists in the making

then we also had some post-photoshoot activities 🙂 the making of pontianak harum sundal malam 😛
we proceeded to some jumping piccies..wanted to show how ‘gleeful’ it is to study in IMU.blueks

and pic of the day,

diana the great..LOL

later had dinner in Planet Hollywood. Food was great, company was great and the band was awesome!!! it feels like hols already..

later that night it only dawned upon me study break is just around the corner…boooHOoo

but dun care…enjoy kao kao first..die later..LOL..

tequila lime was good but tad too dry..hehe

best Caesar’s Salad ive ever had..*orgasmic*

ah yi’s chicken salad

all the girls 🙂 sweet 🙂

outside the loo

cute mirror

group photo

twas a great day to compensate the depression that engulfed us before exams..

and a celebration to commemorate the last class test we’re gonna ever have in IMU..woohooo!!!

going to some fine cantonese cuisine in Noble House tmr..cant wait…HEHE