bloatified.. AGAIN!!!

24 Feb

yes. it was another buffet. together with huiyin, yihui and honfai

a superbly damn worth it cheap buffet in Noble House in bkt bintang.

it was only rm39++ not inclusive of tax..we ate to our hearts’ content. after the first hour i was already halfway surrendering. but saw everybody still mar eat lor..kiasu mar..LOL

the thing we liked about the place was that new dishes kept coming and of course we didnt know that. we thought the ones on display earlier was all we could savour. so we were full by the time they replenished old dishes with new ones..boOHoo..thank god for the loo *winks*

and tastewise wasnt exactly mindblowing la. certain dishes were good. some were just so depends 😛

CAUTION: picture overload!! get ready to drool..hehe

posh surrounding

lavish spread of goodies



some fishy fritters

some fish roll with century egg..i thought it was too bland

prawn/fish shooters..this is good 🙂

baby octopus..oo la la

superb peking duck 🙂

cheesy escargot

giant scallop

braised mushroom in beancurd.nice:)

lobster salad 🙂

very delicious roast duck 🙂

huiyin’s braised duck or sth

pork ribs

siu pak choi..had tonnes of this..hehe

deep fried aubergine.yummm

white fungus with poached pear

honfai’s fav kuih melayu (direct translation frm canto)

enuf of food piccies liao. damn malas wana upload all 😛

lets see some human beings for a change 🙂

first, lets start of with the very ultra bloated girl (shes gonna kill me for this..LOL)

to jaga her was actually done deliberately..LOL

all happily Bloatified!!

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