a food fair like no other

28 Feb

call me bias, but i must say the food fair organised by my batch was one of the best by far ever held in imu *winks*

*thumbs up* to the food fair committee for doing such a splendid job 🙂

let the piccies speak for themselves 🙂

we sold coleslaw, soya pudding and hash brown.thanks jean for helping out 🙂
ps: it was great catching up with ya jean..cya in pg soon..hugss

it was great meeting you zeuven dear!!:)

greedy pig on rampage..hehe

apple crumble and swak laksa

the apple crumble and sarawak laksa crews 🙂

chloe, yieng, jiahui and huibee 🙂

caught red handed..lydia curi makan!!

yilyn the guinea pig of their mushroom soup

garlic toasts to go with their soup 🙂

we even had bubble milk tea.jacinta looks damn pro here 😛

choccolate fondue by the bpharmers 🙂

“eh, not enough pai tee fillings larr”, says silai chia hong

delicious pai tee 🙂

blueberry cheesetarts frm berry’s


we had sushis too 🙂

and herbals eggs

and satay celup imported all the way from melaka..:)

yumpo’s specialty…no wonder ulou was smitten..the way to a man’s heart is really his stomach uh 😛

mari kita tangkap ikan

my fish..more like ikan bilis..that also i had to *cough* *cheat* *cough* to catch it

henna artists at work 🙂

shinhun the nightingale of imu

and not forgetting the all pharmacy rejects that injected life into the event 🙂

suvyen, jean, moi and jac..got teased by yieng after this shot..blueks

we even had our very own version of Deal or no Deal…cool leh!!

pc insisted on being the only guy here..damn miang

then it was our turn with the ‘revlon’ girls 😛

nth to do..camwhore lorrr

look at the wad of cash in debbie’s hand

coincidence or not??? *winks*

vco the lamest joker in class 😛

my lenglui mentee and i 🙂

jam packed 🙂

even before the food fair ended, i was already on the north-south highway heading home for study break..i kinda disappeared according to some..LOL

well, studying in vista is just too depressing..:P

here are some random piccies i took along the highway..wanted to fill up my memory card..hehe

have an ‘ENJOYABLE’ study break everyone!!

study hard!!


7 Responses to “a food fair like no other”

  1. ~Christine~Leng at 4:51 pm #

    heya gal! nice captures!
    er… can you spare me some pics ah? I din capture much that day leh.. ;P
    Happy Studying!

  2. yieng at 6:09 pm #

    haha..those pictures are so nicely photoshop-ed. 🙂
    enjoy your study break!!!

  3. huiyen at 3:21 am #

    sure…take whichever u want la 🙂

    those are not photoshopped la..its picasaed..LOL

    happy studying peeps!!!

  4. huiyin at 3:22 am #

    wah luiyan!
    i dun see any original pictures oso, all photoshopped!-_-”
    anyways the pic with all the revlon girls, yihui look so ketot.
    happy study break lah…

  5. huiyen at 3:27 am #

    sien mar..got time par edit abit lo..i dun have photoshop la aiyoh..

    mostly add some contrast nia..some blur here and there..very limited la picasa…i miss my photoshop man..haih..
    haha i didnt notice that with the revlon girls piccie..so jahat la u.LOL

  6. hotmoomoo at 8:57 am #

    so small la our (lou n my) faces… n bluri-fied as well


  7. huiyen at 9:29 am #

    i wana promote sandwiches.not the seller..ngek ngek..the artwork is more interesting to look at.LOL

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