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9 Mar

Ballots were casted. Pg’s sky was grey and overcast. Speculations about how BN is trailing behind opposition spread like wildfire through smses. It was confirmed later that night. Opposition trumps over BN with a landslide win in the state which left the whole nation stunned.

People have sent their message across loud and clear. The verdict is now here to haunt. 5 states in total is now under opposition. BN may still remain as our government but this must be also the greatest defeat they have suffered in decades.The government better buck up and LISTEN to their people or else they’re gonna lose the support they are left with now.

“this was clear proof of democracy at work in the country” says our Prime Minister. That would be the only wisest thing to say after an emotional whirlwind he had to go through.

i sure do hope the change is for the better. i am neutral and do not believe that the opposition is better than BN and likewise.

This is politics. We’re merely choosing the lesser of both evils or to put it in a nicer way, the better of two goods.

I hope this revolution will be a peaceful one.God Bless.