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19 Mar

haha…this is how i’ll look like in 50 yrs time..LOL

yen+ the dalai lama..holy version of me..LOL
traditional00.gif and Dalai Lama -

yen+ eva longoria
traditional00.gif and Eva Longoria Faces Combined Together -

yen+ayumi hamasaki
traditional00.gif and Ayumi Hamasaki Faces Combined Together -

haha..i made george bush look like ah po
traditional00.gif and George Bush Faces Combined Together -

i think i made christina ricci less scary..haha
traditional00.gif and Cristina Ricci -

k thats all for now..for the time being…its very addictive..:P
u can try for yourself in fun
better get back to my books…enough if idling for today..hehe..toodles~~~

not justified

19 Mar

i spent the whole 2 hours recalling what ive learnt long time ago and trying to ooze words onto that empty sheet of paper. no use doing last min studying yday. i better study how to be a tembak queen.

no use getting so mad with stupid new lecturers with stupid questions and stupid everything.

i cant wait for friday. and perhentian. the thought of it cheers me up..whee~~