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of kiasuism

26 Apr

just watched malaysian dreamgirls epi 14..haha yes i know im slow but wth:P

i cant stand nadia’s kiasuism. its overwhelming. just by listening to what she has to say irritated me to the very core.

i cant stand kiasu ppl. each time i come across one i wana beat them up into a pulp and toss it into the sewage. in fact, ive wanted to do that on many occasions. a hint of kiasuism is healthy as motivation, but when it affects ppl around u pls just die and disappear. or lock urself in an empty room where we dont have to hear or see you.

Kiasuism really brings out the ugliest in ppl sometimes. Back in school, i would be lying if i say im not kiasu at all. I was. But only cos i wanted to meet the expectations ive set for myself. Not those kind where i run around the class comparing my marks with every single being in the class. I only do that with my partner sitting next to me or those within my vicinity.haha. If i do well, i’ll thank God, if i dont, then i’ll remind myself that it could’ve been worse.

Growing up, i guess ive not changed much. I still dont run around the place worrying and comparing my results, knowledge or material stuffs with others. I just dont see the point. Having 10 marks higher than others does not make u any smarter ( altho sadly to say we were all brought up in a country where good grades=smartass) nor having a Coach handbag will make you seem any richer.( ok, it does, to a certain extent 😛 but u know what i mean).

But imagine if u are surrounded with people who makes sure he/she has everything u have, know the same amount of information as you do or more and constantly worrying and stressing up cos he/she is shy of probably 1 insignificant mark from the people he/she knows in exams. It is ironic cos sometimes u end up consoling the person even though u probably did worse than him/her. Cmon already, ur grades does not reflect how good you are in applying your knowledge. Not when we’re still bounded by a system where the more u can regurgitate, the better student you are.

Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get good results, but it’s definitely terrifying if you’re greedy, kiasu, and you cannot appreciate what you have. i guess people hungry for recognition are never going to be satisfied with what they have. They will probably succeed, but will they be truly happy?

Remember that even if you win the rat race, you’re still a RAT.