stuck/hot pixels

10 May

i was bored. I had my camera in close proximity. So the most next natural thing i did was to fiddle with it. Tried to do light painting. Hence, i set my shutter to 15secs and put my cam on timer. Here are the result of my wuliaoness.

well, they’re not exactly pretty but what alarmed me the most was what i noticed on my lcd few minutes later.

U see, my room was pitch black, and i noticed a teeny bright spot on the lcd. I tried capturing a dark pic hoping that the spot wont show in the piccie. It wasnt that noticeable in the piccie but its there.

I was worried that i’ll have dead pixels. Ran a sample pic thru a diagnostic test and found that i have a couple of hot pixels.

I hope they wont morph into dead pixels.

well, in case u guys are wondering what the heck i was jibbering about, hot pixel is a permanently lit (white) pixel and is best seen against a dark background. On the other hand, stuck pixel will usually be most visible against a black background, where it will appear red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, or yellow, although stuck red, green, or blue pixels are most common. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these will disappear with time as reported.

They weren’t there when i first purchased my cam and i know theres no reason i should fret over this. Nor should anyone. It happens to everyone who owns anything with lcd. It could be a manufacturing defect or could also appear over time due to long exposures, high iso or high temperature. It should only bother you if these bright specks appear on your pictures or is very prominent even without zooming. U should however send ur camera back to the shop if u stumble across any dead pixels. Dead pixels are pixels that are unlit and is obvious against a white background. Best would be checking ur cam right after purchasing it. Better be safe than sorry:)

i just so happen to stumble across these hot&stuck pixels and it bothers me a teeny weeny bit. The guy in the cam shop told me that im the first customer ever to enquire about these..paiseh.. he must be thinking ‘why lah this girl so particular?can snap pics cukupla’

But it doesnt hurt to check right.

can u spot the stuck pixels? (~75% zoomed)

few of my hot pixels (~75% zoomed)

wana know if u have any dead/hot pixels?
download the software here and follow the instructions given

goodluck peeps!!

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