world’s music festival @botanical garden

10 May

it is indeed true when ppl says that music is a universal language.

It is funny when u can groove to the performers’ tunes and yet not understand a single thing that was sung.

Performers from USA, Denmark, France, Tibet and Kenya sure heated up the atmosphere in botanical garden that very night. Groups of people was dancing like theres no tomorrow, while some were all set with booze and were drinking the night away.

We reached around 6plus and the whole place was already swarmed with people.

the stage area

this uncle is seriously all set. why didnt i think of a foldable chair?

haagen daaz vendor

by 730pm

The night started of with haunting tunes from Techung (Tibet). Honestly, it was so soothing and peaceful if u throw me a mattress i will doze off on it:P

The atmosphere was then revved up with upbeat performances by the traditional Cajun band, Balfa Toujours (USA). I was thinking, finally something in English. LOL. boy i was so wrong. the only time when they spoke in english was when they introduced themselves and when they wanted us to sing along:P they did a rendition on popcorn jazz(or so they say) and some watermelon song. the rest cant remember liao.hehe.

i *heart* the accordion-ist:P

I must say that the French band (Lo Cor De La Plana) that performed right after was worth drooling. French guys are sexayyy dont u agree with me? Dont care if i dont understand them, whatever that came out of their mouth sounded sexy.thats all that matters:P

i likey the one 2nd from right. badboyish..oo la la

Next up was the Afenginn hailing all the way from Denmark. Well known as the ‘bastard-ethno-band’, they did not fail to intoxicate the crowd with their trademark bass rhythms. They definitely wowed everybody with their cheeky play-as-they-feel attitude.And pink suit?? what was he thinking??LOL

Last band to perform for the night was Kenge Kenge from Kenya. I must say that showmanshipwise theyre definitely the best. The girls can really shake. both boobies and booties alike. they really entertained the crowd to the max. some i noticed were really ecstasy-high. those who can pump testosterone in particular:P

Gobi will DEFINITELY love this performance. curves+boobs+sexy hips will definitely turn him on. confirm nose pancut darah:P

apparently no kenyan woman is allowed to touch that instrument. its sacred.

Gobi must be thinking, ‘damn, why didnt i take up some kenyan folk dances? that guy couldve been me’

one of their hot moves:P

some moves from the guys.theyre really good with their ‘goods’:P. sent all the girls included:P

The night ended with an explosive finale from all the performers since day1-3

No piccies of me cos i was all sweaty and oily. damn vain i know:P

And a BIG thank you to chris for the free ticket. and being a great company:)

Gosh, i miss the french hotties already:P

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