Pork ribs anyone???

3 Jun

I wouldnt know the existence of this place if not cos of good reviews from some of my friends.

The supposedly huge banner which is located next to Citibank’s banner looks faded and not vivid enough. I actually missed it despite its size.

No picture cos i was too busy yakking in the car:P

They should put road signs or sth directing orang ramai to the place. Dahlah we dont have that many outlets like this in mainland, they should advertise kao kao since theyre like one of the very few ones we can find here. And very good too:) Apparently its the sister to Tony Romas and Manhattan Fish Market.

the interior

i ordered the famous st louis pork ribs combo with fried shrimp. The pork was smothered with super sensational bbq sauce and was just right. Juicy and tender that is. They used the same sauce for their buffalo wings which was equally great. I prefer this one to Chillis actually:)

my ribs.hehe

buffalo wings

my shirley temple’s just so-so. I prefer the one in lecka lecka:)

Bel had some blackened catch of the day which was superb. Didnt sound that appealing when i read the menu but when i tried i was like..gosh, they couldve come up with a better name to match its standard.

bel’s blackened catch. its blacker than it looks..hehe

Mich’s fish and chips and jess’s fried chicken fillet (duno whats the actual name) came in such huge portion it could feed my whole kampung:P haha..

the chicken fillets are massive:P

Service was amazing, waiters were friendly and we got 10% waivered off. prolly cos we were one of the very few customers there..muahaha..

The assistant manager and assistant kitchen manager actually came forth and gave us their name cards..and some discount stickers..haha..they must think we’re some food blogger:P..food blogger or not if i come across good stuffs of cos must share right:)

for u to cuci tangan laaa
overall it was a nice place to chill, good food and good service. Must say one of the best we have over here. And comparable to the ones u can find in kl:)

how to get there

One Response to “Pork ribs anyone???”

  1. K@ren at 2:27 pm #

    ahahah.. not bad rite ?
    i recommended to many plp d n all told me thumbs up.. prefer it to TGIF. anyway happy repacking k.. i oso got headache dunno which to remove n which to bring. cya soon !

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