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first cousin in law:)

6 Jun

Not very long ago i mentioned about my cousin sis’s wedding. The couple came over to msia to meet all of us 1 week plus ago. It was super great meeting my relatives from sg for ive not seen them since like 5 years ago. All we do is exchange cny wishes over the phone once a year.

Albeit the distance, its funny no matter how long we have not met the awkwardness was not there. We laughed, chatted up a storm and camwhored puas puas:P Felt like when we were young again.

Missed those times 10++ of us would play ‘tangkap hantu’ in my room with the lights off. It was a routine thing back then when we were much younger. Dun even dare to remember how the room looked like when the lights came on..hehe..and the expression on our parents’ face:P

Well, the dinner in Starview was great. It was a gathering cum farewell dinner for my aunts and i. Can consider as early CNY dinner for nxt year which im not gonna be around for:( samor 2 of my kl cuzzies gonna belanja..wait for me to come back laaaaaaa…….


this gotta be the slimmest glasses ive seen:P
sorry we were being damn jakun:P

cuzzies who were there. yang paling tua in the family tree gets the honour to sit:P

most of us

my mama loves to camwhore too!!

the newlyweds and i:) theyre the cutest couple ive seen:p

love them

i miss them already.