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of this and that

13 Jun
family piccie

lan yeng nya..thanks ahmoi for was a pleasant surprise..gonna miss ya.cya in edinburgh:) in a few months time..whee~~

when our flight was delayed for another like 2 hours. Due to some engine prob:(

missed our connecting flight. Was delayed summore. My first meal in UK. pathetic or not

my first dinner. frozen sheperd’s pie

byebye london. for the time being.hehe

gotta love the view

scotland at last

unloading our impossibly heavy luggages

one moment it was sunny

then it started to rain

James Blyth Court. Our hostel

Views from my room


we simply jalan and ended up here. so well,..

george’s square


that basically sums up my first few days here. went for briefings and had my first yawn in the library. good sign? i dont think so.haha. gotta wake up and do more shopping tmr.toodles~~