west end festival @ Hillhead

16 Jun

So this was an event not to be missed according to many peeps. Its the largest cultural event in Glasgow attended by both locals and nons alike. Gaily decorated stalls were erected at roadsides and stages were set up for performances by locals in kilts. damn sexy wei:P

We did some shopping in Buchanan Gallery before heading off to the event. Wth have to leave at 10am in the morn. Never shopped so early in my life before. Most of the eateries here open at 12pm except for those sandwich takeaways. Greggs serves yummylicious sandwiches in my opinion. better than Subway.

anyways, the parade was good. a lil short though. check out the piccies la ok.

some mascot..if im not mistaken its their footie’s team mascot

got lion dance also..damn cun

cute lil korean kids

some performer and her HUGE accessory

hot girls
we get to see walking ‘plants’ as well

some of us and some random guy showing off his dolce

then we headed to uni of glasgow. it is indeed much more beautiful with its cathedral-ish architecture and their very own park. very beautiful. but of course i love my uni also. being situated right in the heart of the city is not necessarily that bad. at least shopping is just a few steps away.keke. but being the jakuns we are, we camwhored at every corner on our way there. super sweat.roses are everywhere

U get to see pretty daisies growing like lalang too

Glasgow Uni

i wish strathclyde has a park like this too

i heart the tree:P

Some museum near the Uni

and finally, guess which is mine..haha

*Hint*..its blue:P

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