renu turns 2*COUGH*3

30 Jun

so yea, my other homies and i baked our first cake when renu had her pp3 session.

words of advice?
PLS pLS do not ever attempt baking cake using ur microwave even though the recipe says so.LOL. it turned out like mocha kuih melayu. tastewise not bad but presentationwise its kinda pathetic. Looked like a lump of some honeycomb brown kuih melayu.

so hmm, we googled and found another recipe for simple mocha cake. but stupid stupid me forgot to check the num of servings and hence did not double the ingredients. the outcome? it turned out to be a super flat lopsided simple mocha cake.LOL

well, thats not the *ahem* worse part. In our attempt to ‘decorate’ the cake with choc glaze and strawberries, the strawberries just wouldnt stay put and kept sliding off the choc layer. so what we did was remove them one by one and dry them with kitchen towel before plopping them back on the cake.LOL. ok. so far no reported cases of diorrhea so i guess we passed the sterility test:P

aerial view of the cake. no cross sections please:P

went to Counting House the following day. bday=celebration=good food:P

i LOVE my mint lamb burger

that came with white zinfandel rose. oo la la~~

yennee me and bday girl

luiyan kena geletek:P

semua orang:)

hope u had a great time ah nu..MUAKKSSSS!!

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