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i hate goodbyes

31 Jul

today paopao will be boarding the plane back home. her presence in the living room blasting her lappie with movies and her infectious laughter will definitely be missed. and her loh mai kai and apple crumble too..

i hate saying goodbye just when you’re so used to having somebody around to kacau. at random hours of the day. Now that the living room is so empty its gonna take awhile for me to get adjusted. it feels like losing a housemate.

i hope she had a great time living with 2 houses of soh pohs. goodbyes were said earlier, with tears. have a safe journey back yea!! and dont shop too much in spore:P

will see u in sabah when i go berholiday!!:)


we were her guinea pigs

the molek chef

in the end she sought help from STRONGER assistants.:P

funfilled dinner:)

gonna miss u lots!!

i need to get an alarm clock, STAT

29 Jul

woke up at 10.08am when i heard my homies knocking on my door. my fmt1 class test starts in less than half an hour. and its quite a distance to walk all the way to exam hall. super shit.

i really panicked. i vaguely remembered formulaes and everything i read. i wanted to give up after reading the first few questions.was suppose to wake up early to memorise my notes. sigh. hence, first time in history, i tembaked WHOLE exam paper. it’ll take extreme luck for me to pass. and if i do i’ll go casino play roulette.

im never gonna rely on my hp alarm. either i didnt hear it or it didnt ring.

retail therapy is so sgo good. went crazy in FCUK and SISLEY. but hey, at least im happier right?:P

shopping withdrawal symptoms

26 Jul

i constantly think about going to argyle st, or buchanan or anywhere else that spells shopping!

i think about it during lab, when im breaking the ampoules, when im changing into the hideous suits in sterile room, when im puttin on my labcoat, when i pee, when fry my ham, basically all the time.

is it cos i feel the need to compensate for not being able to shop in london?

or is it just me?

id walk all the way to argyle almost everyday  konnonnya to get fruits but any stupid idiot would know thats a lame excuse.

i have to go out. DAILY prn.  even if its just for a brief moment. it liberates me frm feeling too confined in my room.

i really dont know how am i gonna survive my exams. and im stressed cos im not stressed. which is a bad thing?

Bah! i need some serious motivation. but now i need to get some sleep. nites

ps: we hail from a democratic country where EVERYBODY’s decision is taken into account in any decision. Supposedly laH. stop acting like an authoritarian. it pisses me off. its weird cos i thought im immunised. looks like my adaptive immunity is wearing thin. is there a vaccine for this? i need it stat.

childhood fantasies and more

24 Jul
so we went to madame tussaud’s on saturday and boy it was jam packed with ppl. we had to squeeze thru crowds and fight our way to take pics with the figures. it was insane in there.

the was figures looked so real its scary. esp their gaze. they looked waxy and shiny in piccies cos we had to use flash. argh i want a dslr!!

picture time:)

with salma hayek

with salma hayek

a BIG FAT HUG for shrek

a BIG FAT HUG for shrek

i *heart* george clooney

i *heart* george clooney

his signature upsidedown kiss..haha..

his signature upsidedown kiss..haha..


the nip slip was totally unintentional:P


if only you could talk:P

our heart throb

our heart throb

he seems to like it.LOL

he seems to like it.LOL

aint he gorgeous?

aint he gorgeous?

pattern banyak

pattern banyak

everybody's heart throb prince

everybody's heart throb prince

the queen and i

the queen and i


this was totally flora's idea:P

my brad

my brad

what was he trying to do?

what was he trying to do?


he's sexier with his magic wand:P

later we adjourned to Planet Hollywood for lunch. It was with our madame tussaud’s package. had cheeseburger. the patty was overcooked in my opinion. but the ceasar’s salad was good:)

my cheeseburger

my cheeseburger

ceasar's salad.yumz

ceasar's salad.yumz

had dinner later that night with mills and the rest. in chinatown again. i miss chinese food so much.

wanted to go to AMORA, but it was closed for some private function. what kind of private function can u hold in a sex museum. im baffled. so well, we watched a stand up comedy by Inkey Jones instead. It was super hilarious. been along time since i laughed so much so hard:P

the girls

the girls

that pretty much sums up our second day.

ok gotta sleep. pls give me motivation to study!!!!exam is next week!!

Hampton Court Palace

22 Jul

So well, it was a long journey to the palace, took the southwest train all the way to hampton court which is in zone 6. think kl and sepang. u’ll get the picture.

fooling around while waiting for the train to arrive

whats interesting about this palace was that we get to see 2 palaces for the price of one. One part comprises of red brick Tudor palace which is associated with king Henry VIII while the baroque palace has some of the most BEAUTIFUL gardens ive seen in my life. apparently, during king william’s reign, queen mary wanted to demolish the ancient castle for a more baroque style. but during the construction, few of their worksmen died, and the queen herself died suddenly of smallpox and a fire broke out in the king’s apartment. hence, only half of the castle was rebuilt. coincidence or not? go figure

EVERYTHING in this palace spells ROYAL. its just breathtaking. maybe cos this the is first palace ive been to since i came so dont blame me for my jakunness:P

even the side door looks royal

love the grand staircase

the details on the ceiling are just amazing

the Other Boleyn Girl costume exhibition. its like the movie came alive:)

the king’s bed. wonder how did the fat king henry VIII fit in there:P. i curi ambil tis pic. no piccies are allowed inside actually:P i feel so jahat:P

queen’s royal bath area..thank god for showers nowadays:P

fooling with the broom:P she needed some good spanking:P

im a convincing pie maker:P

the Tudor kitchen. where all sumptious feast were prepared eons ago.

some pretty details i couldnt resist along the way

the palace also boasts one of the most beautiful gardens suited for royalties. i want one of these too!!!

the Great Fountain Garden
the Great Fountain Garden

the Pond garden

the Pond Garden

some garden next to the Pond Garden

yes we love to jump

some flora we saw along the way

some majestic looking arch. its really beautiful:)

then we entered the maze. thought its gonna be a hard one. we entered with very little difficulty with throngs of other visitors and coming out was a breeze:P

prolly this was the place the aristocrats do their bollywood thing long time ago during courtship:P

guess which way we took in the end?
guess which way we took in the end?

we also had afternoon tea in the palace..liked the ambience. felt like we were transported in time to King Henry VII’s era.

was suppose to leave after that, but us being us, camwhored in the garden like theres no tomorrow. we took in total 1600++ piccies in a day!! can u imagine that? siao

shianyi the ketiak toucher and me the erm groper?

had dinner in the very much raved about FOUR SEASONS. theyre famous for their roast duck. went to the chinatown outlet. it was damn good in my opinion. the meat was soft, juicy and tender. was super yummy. ordered the whole duck for the 5 of us. Glen came and meet us after his posting in the hosp. This gotta be his umpteenth time eating here. i love london’s chinatown!! compared to glasgow’s pathetic warehouse-ish one.

french beans. this was friggin good:)

our roast duck

kungpo prawns

that pretty much sums up 4/5 of our first day in london:)

to be continued..

back to reality

21 Jul

this gotta be the best weekend  i had since i came to glasgow.

im in love with LONDON!!

was super reluctant to go back to glasgow=exams:(

and special thanks to glen for being a wonderful host, bringing us around even after such long hospital rounds. and during the weekend:)paiseh (*^_^*).and for letting us camp in your ‘palace’.haha. it had been fun:)

will blog the trip if i have the time.

an attempt to fatten everybody up:P

15 Jul
so yea, this i what ive been doing while doing my report. i searched for recipes. id rather scour tesco for ingredients than to sit in front of my com and finish my bloody report. god help me
savoury pseudo chicken pie. i used chicken soup with pork hams:P

apple strudel. hasil kerja from two bored silais. luiyan and i:) id like it less sour though.hehe.but not bad for our first attempt:)

Gala=my new home:P

12 Jul

So well, we finally met Cik Nazlinda from Jpa london and she treated us to a hearty meal in Cafe India glasgow. It was 20pounds for each of us and there were 28 of us. So well, u do the math urself. I can already foresee Gobi posting another hatepost regarding the jpas again. anyways, we hope she will be back to pay us another visit..keke

papadoms and dips

our starter. a mixture of everything

yieng, luiyan and i

our table:)

us again

flo checking out some waiter

still cant get enough of him:P

then yieng wanted some artistic shots. sorry la tak jadi:P

missed naan

some mutton curry. pls dont ask me the exact name. makan saje.

the meat was superbly tender.YUMS.damn good

This was our FAV. Some creamy green curry with chicken chunks and capsicums and mildly spiced. flo and i downed like duno how many bowls of these. Its buffet style so u can order as many helpings as u want.:P

our dessert. tad too sweet for my liking though

flo’s dessert. didnt really like it also:P

i think adding coconut shreds to the cheesecake base was a bad idea

irn bru + lemonade in wine glass.


Some of us casino addicts then adjourned to Gala. lost some money then won back.:) its a good night in short. despite screwing my first mock dispensing test today:P


One month

9 Jul

and its happening again. i/we were just counting down the days. Indifference is the key to emotional stability.

Honestly, i LOVE having my neighbours around:) Ive never laughed so hard so much over dinner before:)

sexy silais

9 Jul

Here are some piccies of our food just to reemphasize on our silainess. Sexy ones though..haha..and in case you’re wondering, no we dont wear JUST apron when we cook. That would be kitchen slut. And no piccies of us in action. If we reveal our secret, we’ll have to kill you. jk

And yea, now we can hardly concentrate in anything without thinking about what to cook for dinner and if the strawberries in Sainsbury are out of stock. I even hear guys discussing their menu while waiting for labs to start. gosh. super uncle

so there. this basically summarises what went into our GIT for the past week. nothing fancy. just plain home cooked dishes:)