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lochness day trip

6 Jul

I took off with a teeny weeny bit of hope to see ‘Nessie’, a monster which inhabited the lake eons ago and hence made the loch famous and a must visit destination for those in Scotland.

But then since luiyan didnt come along, so no monster.LOL

We first stopped in Loch Lomond and bought lunch in a shop which boasts the loo of year award 2008. dun play play!!

the award winning loo:P


yes im a duck paparazzi

a duck, a ship and an overcast sky

Next we passed Glencoe, a place associated with lots of bloody stories dated back to the 17th century. The highlands were very majestic and its spectacular mountain scenery awed us:)

another jumping pic

random strangers who decided to join in the fun

pattern banyak:P

old habits die hard:P

when we finally reached our main destination, we were greeted by heavy rain and strong winds. We were lucky that it stopped right after we got on the boat. Talk about karma..hiak hiak

We went cruisin around Loch Ness. It was so serene and beautiful but basically it looks the same from every direction. I didnt even realise when the boat turned. Imagine that.haha

Fort Augustus from where we took off


Our last stop was Laggan, and we climbed about 50ft to see the so-called waterfall. I was so excited at the prospect of seeing a waterfall. i think the one u can see frm the tapah highway was much better. This version looks more like a beer waterfall:P but that didnt stop us from camwhoring.haha


OK gotta go surprise adel now. Its her bday today btw. HAVE A BLAST ADEL dearie:)

hope u like the cake:)