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a pharmacist’s idea of ‘masak-masak’

7 Jul

Making tablets is very much like what you do in the kitchen, to be more precise its like baking;

First u weigh out the ingredients u need.

Then u subject the ingredients into the machine to mix them. Together with water. Just like adding water to your all purpose flour. The difference here is that our toys are much more sophisticated than the ones u can find in the kitchen:)

mix mix mix

the y-cone rotating blender.

even the ‘i dont camwhore’ annabelle succumbed to our fetish:P

3 aunties sieving

Basically, we will leave the wet powder to dry for 24hrs or few days before we granulate them.

When we were all set, we pour our granules into the inlet of the the Rotary Tablet Press aka tablet maker. All we need is to push few buttons and adjust the lever to achieve our desired HARDNESS and weight. chewah. You cant do that with cake do u:P

oo yeah..need a container to catch ’em. they roll fast:P

gobi with his container:p

our beautiful SHINY and HARD tablets (pls ignore the broken ones. it was all mixed together:P)

we used this to test the hardness of the tabs. rejected if too hard:P
think it only applies in manufacturing lab.haha

better get back to my report. been procrastinating wayyy too much:P