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One month

9 Jul

and its happening again. i/we were just counting down the days. Indifference is the key to emotional stability.

Honestly, i LOVE having my neighbours around:) Ive never laughed so hard so much over dinner before:)

sexy silais

9 Jul

Here are some piccies of our food just to reemphasize on our silainess. Sexy ones though..haha..and in case you’re wondering, no we dont wear JUST apron when we cook. That would be kitchen slut. And no piccies of us in action. If we reveal our secret, we’ll have to kill you. jk

And yea, now we can hardly concentrate in anything without thinking about what to cook for dinner and if the strawberries in Sainsbury are out of stock. I even hear guys discussing their menu while waiting for labs to start. gosh. super uncle

so there. this basically summarises what went into our GIT for the past week. nothing fancy. just plain home cooked dishes:)