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Gala=my new home:P

12 Jul

So well, we finally met Cik Nazlinda from Jpa london and she treated us to a hearty meal in Cafe India glasgow. It was 20pounds for each of us and there were 28 of us. So well, u do the math urself. I can already foresee Gobi posting another hatepost regarding the jpas again. anyways, we hope she will be back to pay us another visit..keke

papadoms and dips

our starter. a mixture of everything

yieng, luiyan and i

our table:)

us again

flo checking out some waiter

still cant get enough of him:P

then yieng wanted some artistic shots. sorry la tak jadi:P

missed naan

some mutton curry. pls dont ask me the exact name. makan saje.

the meat was superbly tender.YUMS.damn good

This was our FAV. Some creamy green curry with chicken chunks and capsicums and mildly spiced. flo and i downed like duno how many bowls of these. Its buffet style so u can order as many helpings as u want.:P

our dessert. tad too sweet for my liking though

flo’s dessert. didnt really like it also:P

i think adding coconut shreds to the cheesecake base was a bad idea

irn bru + lemonade in wine glass.


Some of us casino addicts then adjourned to Gala. lost some money then won back.:) its a good night in short. despite screwing my first mock dispensing test today:P