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i need to get an alarm clock, STAT

29 Jul

woke up at 10.08am when i heard my homies knocking on my door. my fmt1 class test starts in less than half an hour. and its quite a distance to walk all the way to exam hall. super shit.

i really panicked. i vaguely remembered formulaes and everything i read. i wanted to give up after reading the first few questions.was suppose to wake up early to memorise my notes. sigh. hence, first time in history, i tembaked WHOLE exam paper. it’ll take extreme luck for me to pass. and if i do i’ll go casino play roulette.

im never gonna rely on my hp alarm. either i didnt hear it or it didnt ring.

retail therapy is so sgo good. went crazy in FCUK and SISLEY. but hey, at least im happier right?:P