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i hate goodbyes

31 Jul

today paopao will be boarding the plane back home. her presence in the living room blasting her lappie with movies and her infectious laughter will definitely be missed. and her loh mai kai and apple crumble too..

i hate saying goodbye just when you’re so used to having somebody around to kacau. at random hours of the day. Now that the living room is so empty its gonna take awhile for me to get adjusted. it feels like losing a housemate.

i hope she had a great time living with 2 houses of soh pohs. goodbyes were said earlier, with tears. have a safe journey back yea!! and dont shop too much in spore:P

will see u in sabah when i go berholiday!!:)


we were her guinea pigs

the molek chef

in the end she sought help from STRONGER assistants.:P

funfilled dinner:)

gonna miss u lots!!