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food galore

29 Aug

It is indeed nice to have housemates, neighbours or frens who are not sitting for pp3 degree. They have so much free time we get the privilege to sample fattening goodies from them.

Our supper tonight.

by hui bee,  who had no idea how vanilla essence looked like, and what folding the flour into the mixture means.

yes, this is her first cake.

And it was a success:) and she was so comical throughout the whole process.

and she thinks baking is much harder than pp3. LOL

marble cake

marble cake

then came yieng’s peanut butter cookies. it was yummy. aren’t we lucky?:)

not to forget steph’s bakkua that flew all the way from msia….*HINT HINT* mummy

i decided to join in the fun.  armed with my pp3 book on my dining table, i went on a garlic chopping rampage. Made garlic bread. i prefer it slightly less salty but some liked it the way it is. and everybody gave me such a hard time on being ‘ham’..eessh

im sure steph will be glad to see the almost 3 weeks old half baked baguette gone from the dining table:P

renu made us chapati and chicken curry a day before yday too. to celebrate hers and ahyi’s exemption. im so proud of u guys:)

It was damn good. can fight those mamak places we used to frequent back at home:) im sure u will do ur mother-in-law proud, angel:P




when they were still in balls:P


indian chicken curry. made from scratch:P

we had our capati with bakkuteh.very muhibbah i know.hehe

no, call it fungkutteh. we only threw in tau foo pok and lotsa mushroom in the soup. they were expiring fast. hence the combination:P it was still good nevertheless:)



our neighbour decided to spice up their dinners by having competitions where the chosen ones will whip up some fancy dish and the so called judges will comment and rate the dishes. heard carolyn had the hardest time from the ‘nasty’ judges.:P too bad i wasnt there.

yesterday was a battle between sue and jamie.lucky us neighbours we got to sample the dishes as well:) and pretend to be some noisy audience. ok, the noisy part was not pretentious:P

theme= western.

a bit of everything

a bit of everything

clockwise from 12oclock, coleslaw, mixed vege salad, curry powder chicken

i dont remember is this was sue's or jamie's lamb

this should be jamie's lamb if im not mistaken:)


mushroom fav dish. jamie's first time and was made frm scratch ok. damn yummy:)

cheese baked rice by sue

cheese baked rice by sue


hungry girls are scary:P

the winner?

sue beat jamie by 3.5 marks. they were almost equally as good. cheers!!!

since im talking about food here, might as well blog about what i had for dinner today.

twas squid + prawns fried in spicy beans or sth like that. mind u think this is one of the most spicy dish i had since i came here. ahh, i love seafood.:) been so deprived.hehe

seaphood galore

seaphood galore

brocolli. nth beats home cooked brocolli

brocolli. nth beats home cooked brocolli

and we had omelette as well. nothing much to shout about. rule of thumb? just throw whatever u can find in the fridge into the egg mixture:P

u tell me, HOW NOT TO BE FATter LIKE THAT???

sad also eat, happy also eat. nothing can stop food from going into our GI tract. We always have reason to celebrate, even though we’re not the celebrated ones.LOL. jialat


28 Aug

No matter how much better i felt compared to the initial shock, no, im not okay.

I dont think i’ll ever be ok just yet. the disappointment is just too massive. i shouldnt have gotten my hopes high. or even hope at all. its just too shocking to comprehend. and i only have myself to blame. i think i need more than a pair of eyes.

And it doesnt make me feel any better that there are still 75% of the whole batch sitting for degree exam with me. That i still have one more shot. That there are many other who did the same mistakes as me. That many are in the same shoes as me.

My motivation is like MinusInfinity right now. I felt like ive done everything i could, studied everything there is to study. Everything was correct this time. At least i didnt kill anybody. I just somehow conveniently overlooked some legal details that ive always SCRUTINISED and very SURE about before handling up my Rx. I just couldnt believe my eyes when i saw it. The whole exam scene kept replaying in my head thinking when and how did i missed that technical administration error that costed me my exemption.

I know i made it sound like a big deal. It is to me. What bothers me most is not the exemption part. Its me and my active blind spot that bothers me most. I never felt like flushing my head down the toiletbowl before. Nobody will understand. Theyre not in my shoes. I trulymadlydeeply hope that history would not repeat itself. Even though i think i did ok in my over-the-counter video exam its not gonna be enough to save my ass. i NEED to get more than a pass to pass overall. sigh

PLs pLS pLS pLs pls, God pls bless me that i’ll pass my degree pp3. Even though its not counted in the degree at the end of the day but i need to pass this thing to graduate.I have to stop disappointing my family and most importantly myself. I need to stop making superduperultramassivestupid old mistakes and NOT create any new ones. i’ll really be good. i promise.

a dose of compassion

25 Aug

Read about this devastating story in ricebunny’s blog and was compelled to spread the word around. Thats the least i can do. Click on the link below to read the full post. Do not be indiferrent. It can happen to you or me.

first times

24 Aug
  • Wearing double layer when bbQing. And mind you it was still cold.
  • Had my bubble milk tea in Glasgow. Im so going back to Sauchiehall. Lovvvit!
  • Had alcohol till my extremities itched. I was scratching myself like a cat.
  • Ate Tomyam in a Malaysian restaurant. It was damn good i tell you.
  • Wanting to go home since i got here.
  • Made roti canai. *shhh*. not from scratch obviously:P

i know this is super random. im feeling random right now. Was just thinking how i managed to lug my 15kg hand carry and my 15kg lappie bag in heathrow airport the other time when ahmoi voiced her logistics concern to me earlier. I didnt know how i did it. all oily and sweaty.

and it seemed so long ago.

ps: and i hate it that the sun is setting much earlier nowadays:(

21 Aug

5 litres of beer+vodka+ other thingamajig, 7 girls, and a living room

i was forced to down almost 700ml of beer+other funnythings in one go. think i was laughing like a hyena after that. nuff said.

i hope steph wont post the piccies in fabebook. U BETTER NOT!! i’ll kill u. hehe

cash stripped

19 Aug

what do u eat for dinner when ure so cash stripped from shopping in see woo?

yes. its only see woo. we stocked up like winter is gonna start next week.

had only 1 egg left, some flour and some fruits in the fridge. instant noodles are out of the question. it promotes brain damage, according to voonjia.

that pretty much explains the periodical malfunction of my brain:P

so well, what we ate for dinner?

yes, PANCAKES. cheap and filling punya pancakes. we are flexible ppl. pancakes are not just for bfast. a generous drizzle of maple syrup and we were all set. yumz:)

pardon the irregular shape. it will get better next time:P

and yes, finally got my nonstick pan. ive finally stopped making scrambled eggs instead of a nice round omelette. *cheers*

cant wait to move back to J6 tmr. FINALLY!!

when will all the drama cease?

13 Aug

as though our life was not interesting enough, the fire alarm decided to give a go earlier. So well, we had to huddle in the cold outside our makeshift block. turned out that a fren overcooked her food in the microwave. thank god the firemen here are super efficient. they were here in like less than 4 mins. but of course they weren’t happy with the fact that that they could be saving life elsewhere instead of fanning away some burnt food smell. how macho is that uh.LOL

ive already stop bitching abt AB, ive done nothing that is bitching related, ive been good, but why is it that these dramas never seem to cease. i just want my peaceful life back. thats all. and more luck in exams. is that too hard to ask for?