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4 Aug

I gave 2tabs 3 times daily for my mst 60mg despite knowing i read ‘ give every 12 hours’. Im not blind. why didnt it cross my mind to give 3 tabs twice daily. it just didnt cross my mind. i really duno why.both will still achieve 360mg daily. kekelamkabutan sucks. i only realised when i was already counselling ian towle. crap. but too late to do anything. cant possibly run back to my table and print another label and ask him to amend the prescription. i sent in a late entry for correction but i DOUBT AB will be so forgiving. inappropriate directions. i can imagine her gleeful face deducting my 60 marks away. the idiot that gave every poor soul in the lab such a hard time. she was prolly sneezing after our session cos everyone was bitchin about her.

on a lighter note. i totally *heart* ian towle.  he had a cheeky face when i asked him try to refrain from having sex during his course of amoxicillin and contraceptive, thank god i was sane enuf to ask his partner to use the condom instead cos  he was suppose to be a lady.LOL. He was encouraging and helpful. i totally adore him!

its so weird when its almost impossible to achieve 50 howLAH to get exempted with 70. at the rate things are going. SIGH

i feel so drained from all the complicated Rx and ‘running’ all over the lab to search for missing meds. Super boh mood!