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8 Aug

today was an indeed an auspicious day

beijiing olympics kicked off with amazing array display of fireworks and performances and i did not get to watch any of those..boOOhOOo

failed my pp3 again. and its even worse this time. when i finally got all my counselling and registers perfect, anne boyter found another way to screw me. Ian towle was baffled himself why she cut off our marks irrelevantly. “that was harsh..but theres nothing i can do” that was enlightening:( its not 1 or 2 marks. im talking about 30 and 60. only one student survived her brutality in grp A. cheerios to the one and only student who passed amongst 30+ of us. and my group will be seeing her again during exemption. i have no eye to see @_@ laio

AND after  2 years and 226 days, my old ahBa lappie bid his final adieu. it was heart wrenching to let go. its my first lappie anyway so cant blame me. i knew it was terminally ill but i kept reformatting thinking that there is still a glimmer of hope that it could survive another year. It was like performing dialysis on a terminally ill patient. aih

i got a replacement immediately the very next day. not cos i can move on very fast. i just cant survive without one:P

so i got it replaced with a HP Compaq 17″ widescreen medium specs for 429 pounds which i thought was reasonable:) ive never gotten a laptop within such short period of time:P it was kinda love at first feel.haha

im loving it more and more:) love the big screen. i love EVERYTHING big:P

what really got me attracted to this. bimbo i know..teeehee

was also attracted to the logo and finishings laH

it better be good. at least for a year. hehe

been a long day. suppose to study but my bed is calling out to me..YAwwnNnnNNn..cant resist!