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more drama

10 Aug

i was on my way out to transfer my laundry into the dryer cos i thought the rain had stopped. As i was turning the knob, i thought i heard water gushing down the unit. I thought the rain had stopped no? the sun was already out and no one outside was carrying an umbrella. That was when i saw the lady from VO asking if theres any water dripping into my unit. I said no. Evrything looked fine. I didnt realise how bad it was until the security guards came and asked us to vacant our units. Apparently the water tank burst and the higher units as well as the ones on the furthest right were very badly affected. Water were spurting out of some unit’s fire alarm, walls, ceilings and were seeping into all the carpets. It was kinda creepy i think. Reminded me of the scenes in Dark Water.

I was really clueless as to what to pack and what to leave behind. sigh. and we have degree papers in few days time. perfect timing:(

And i cant possibly shift the position of the cupboard in my new room like i did to my old one. And i hate the view. Theres a tree smacked right in front of my window. Ok, at least the mouldy building behind is blocked. I miss looking at the highlands far yonder and the windmills.

On the brighter side, we will be getting a new water tank. Less microbial contamination and the water would be cleaner. It cant possibly get any worse right?

i was glad when i was informed that the carpet cleaning truck was here already. i hope theyre efficient and everything will be fixed in a day or two.I miss the homeyness of my old room:(

Its been such an ‘exciting’ week. ive had enough. i need a break.