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cash stripped

19 Aug

what do u eat for dinner when ure so cash stripped from shopping in see woo?

yes. its only see woo. we stocked up like winter is gonna start next week.

had only 1 egg left, some flour and some fruits in the fridge. instant noodles are out of the question. it promotes brain damage, according to voonjia.

that pretty much explains the periodical malfunction of my brain:P

so well, what we ate for dinner?

yes, PANCAKES. cheap and filling punya pancakes. we are flexible ppl. pancakes are not just for bfast. a generous drizzle of maple syrup and we were all set. yumz:)

pardon the irregular shape. it will get better next time:P

and yes, finally got my nonstick pan. ive finally stopped making scrambled eggs instead of a nice round omelette. *cheers*

cant wait to move back to J6 tmr. FINALLY!!