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first times

24 Aug
  • Wearing double layer when bbQing. And mind you it was still cold.
  • Had my bubble milk tea in Glasgow. Im so going back to Sauchiehall. Lovvvit!
  • Had alcohol till my extremities itched. I was scratching myself like a cat.
  • Ate Tomyam in a Malaysian restaurant. It was damn good i tell you.
  • Wanting to go home since i got here.
  • Made roti canai. *shhh*. not from scratch obviously:P

i know this is super random. im feeling random right now. Was just thinking how i managed to lug my 15kg hand carry and my 15kg lappie bag in heathrow airport the other time when ahmoi voiced her logistics concern to me earlier. I didnt know how i did it. all oily and sweaty.

and it seemed so long ago.

ps: and i hate it that the sun is setting much earlier nowadays:(