food galore

29 Aug

It is indeed nice to have housemates, neighbours or frens who are not sitting for pp3 degree. They have so much free time we get the privilege to sample fattening goodies from them.

Our supper tonight.

by hui bee,  who had no idea how vanilla essence looked like, and what folding the flour into the mixture means.

yes, this is her first cake.

And it was a success:) and she was so comical throughout the whole process.

and she thinks baking is much harder than pp3. LOL

marble cake

marble cake

then came yieng’s peanut butter cookies. it was yummy. aren’t we lucky?:)

not to forget steph’s bakkua that flew all the way from msia….*HINT HINT* mummy

i decided to join in the fun.  armed with my pp3 book on my dining table, i went on a garlic chopping rampage. Made garlic bread. i prefer it slightly less salty but some liked it the way it is. and everybody gave me such a hard time on being ‘ham’..eessh

im sure steph will be glad to see the almost 3 weeks old half baked baguette gone from the dining table:P

renu made us chapati and chicken curry a day before yday too. to celebrate hers and ahyi’s exemption. im so proud of u guys:)

It was damn good. can fight those mamak places we used to frequent back at home:) im sure u will do ur mother-in-law proud, angel:P




when they were still in balls:P


indian chicken curry. made from scratch:P

we had our capati with bakkuteh.very muhibbah i know.hehe

no, call it fungkutteh. we only threw in tau foo pok and lotsa mushroom in the soup. they were expiring fast. hence the combination:P it was still good nevertheless:)



our neighbour decided to spice up their dinners by having competitions where the chosen ones will whip up some fancy dish and the so called judges will comment and rate the dishes. heard carolyn had the hardest time from the ‘nasty’ judges.:P too bad i wasnt there.

yesterday was a battle between sue and jamie.lucky us neighbours we got to sample the dishes as well:) and pretend to be some noisy audience. ok, the noisy part was not pretentious:P

theme= western.

a bit of everything

a bit of everything

clockwise from 12oclock, coleslaw, mixed vege salad, curry powder chicken

i dont remember is this was sue's or jamie's lamb

this should be jamie's lamb if im not mistaken:)


mushroom fav dish. jamie's first time and was made frm scratch ok. damn yummy:)

cheese baked rice by sue

cheese baked rice by sue


hungry girls are scary:P

the winner?

sue beat jamie by 3.5 marks. they were almost equally as good. cheers!!!

since im talking about food here, might as well blog about what i had for dinner today.

twas squid + prawns fried in spicy beans or sth like that. mind u think this is one of the most spicy dish i had since i came here. ahh, i love seafood.:) been so deprived.hehe

seaphood galore

seaphood galore

brocolli. nth beats home cooked brocolli

brocolli. nth beats home cooked brocolli

and we had omelette as well. nothing much to shout about. rule of thumb? just throw whatever u can find in the fridge into the egg mixture:P

u tell me, HOW NOT TO BE FATter LIKE THAT???

sad also eat, happy also eat. nothing can stop food from going into our GI tract. We always have reason to celebrate, even though we’re not the celebrated ones.LOL. jialat

3 Responses to “food galore”

  1. yieng at 11:37 pm #

    darn happening man your place..haha..super shiok!

  2. kianyee at 8:25 pm #

    “and she thinks baking is much harder than pp3. LOL”

    huibee is such a show-off.

  3. Karen at 10:21 pm #

    not bad ya.. ahahah… had so much good food.
    syok giler…

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