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Orang Tua

30 Sep

You may be miles apart, and hours away , but you always stay close to my heart.

Hope u had a Funtastic bday working in the hosp my dearest BEST FrieND, Miss Ee Pei Lian while i slogged away at some boring astonautical event topping up ppl’s wine glasses.:(

Will see you really soon kays. Wait for me to work and bila cukup duit to splurge will make my appearance at your doorstep i assure you:P

Nothing you do can turn me away.muahahaha


love you lottss!!


orang yang lebih muda

27 Sep

my 3 most favourite cities during hols…:)

back to reality

26 Sep


12 days(inclusive of camping  in the airport), 8 girls, 2 countries, 5 cities and gazillion dirty clothes Im seriously glad to be back in Glasgow.

Venice, Florence and Paris win hands down as my favourite-st cities.

And thank god all of us came back in one piece, with all our belongings intact. We were lucky.

And sleeping outside the airport in the middle of the night in Rome at 14 degrees celcius made me appreciate my bed more.

I wanted to come back and rest so badly during the trip but now that its over im missing it already.

And im really thankfulxinfinity that i passed my PP3. Nothing beats the relief i feel from reading that magical word.

kay gotta sleep. gonna bleed another £60 tomorrow for some module notes. gonna need to make more cash.ishk

nites peeps!!


14 Sep

Had my first job with CityG8 today alongside karen, michelle and huikuan & hueywuen. All that was mentioned in the message was plate waiting.

We were completely clueless of what is the event gonna be and what is it that we were supposed to do.

When we reached we we awed. The whole place was gaily decorated with balloons and colourful streamers.

the place

the chefs

and the kulis

It was an annual fundraising ball for the disabled. And these ppl damn kaya ok. One actually paid like £6500 for some painting. And 5 people serving 12 table was not an easy feat. They shouldve hired more ppl. By the time we were done serving the last table, we have to start clearing the first. Super jialat. And boy the plates were not light. Hence, today i think i did a combination of finger yoga+cvs workout and weightlifting combined.

I was so glad by the time i was done clearing the dessert. It means the night is almost ending. Boy i was so wrong. A band started performing and ppl were dancing, both sober & heavily drunk ones. Ppl here really drink like a fish. I lost count on how many liquor bottles and wine glassed i cleared today.

Thank god we were released earlier. Kesian the bar ppl. I think they can only leave at 3am. At the rate the crowd is going.hehe

And thank one of the group leader who kind heartedly took out all the unserved cheesecakes smothered with bailey and white choc for us before they end up in the bin. It was SOOOOOOO goOOODDDDD omg. Hehe. Thats prolly the only upside of the job. Besides the salary.

soree can only use phone’s cam

Ok gotta go bathe now. I smell of chicken+ pumpkin+carrot+cheesecake+booze+coffee+tea combined. Ewww. ciaozzz~~

long overdue

13 Sep

Just realised that ive not blogged about my 3rd day in London which was EONS ago, i know, was tied down with exams and classes. It was still worth mentioning anyways.

We went to see the LINE in Greenwich (pronounced greenich) Yes its THE line. The line we learnt about back in secondary school. The  famous meridien line where people from all over the world came to see and camwhore with. The Prime Meridien that separates the world to East and West. We had to line up to take pics with the line, which is freaking long. Of course must camwhore kao kao lar:P

We took a break from trains and had the boat ride along River Thames to our destination. The guide on the boat was funny and witty so the ride was worth it. And one thing, we sure went under lots of bridges. i lost count of how many. And the buildings at the bank of the river are all so different, its like they have their own personality and story to tell. The guide was good at describing all the amazing architecture we saw along the way but too bad my retention capacity was only like 30%. Blame my puny brain.

the famous line

found kL

24 hr clock

some pointer that got us excited

we walked, and walked, and found a patch of grass.

then the nonsense began…

found a quaint icecream place and had our teatime there..

flo the potential pedophile:P

Us and big ben

found some malaysians at westminster abbey

ex cheerleaders.LOL.i look like beruang here.

that roughly summed up our last day in london long time ago. Im definitely going back there:)

Cant wait for Italy and Paris this sunday. Gonna be so drained after 11 days.

Had my first training in Subway today. Didnt know sandwich making can be an art. It was an enlightenement:P

Wish me luck in balancing plates in CItyHall tmr. Adios. Cheers~~~

Happy hols everyone!!!

i’ve been tagged..AGEs ago

9 Sep

So well, i was tagged eons ago and since i have nothing to do apart from feeling remorseful as the hostel will feel emptier as groups of peeps leave for their hols.

So well, here goes;

8 things im passionate about:

  1. Myself.LOL
  2. Shopping
  3. Food
  4. Travelling
  5. Not studying
  6. Onlining
  7. Cooking
  8. Blings

8 things i say too often:

  1. Oh my Buddha!!
  2. Alamak
  3. Aduhai
  4. Jialat
  5. I wont buy anything today:P
  6. Should i pay or my mum?
  7. Im my mum’s only eldest daughter
  8. Banana

8 books i’ve read recently:

  1. FMT 1
  2. FMT 1
  3. PP3
  4. OTC book
  5. Cecelia Ahern- Where Rainbows End
  6. Shopaholic and Baby
  7. Actually ive not read in a long time..something i miss doing:(

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

  1. Big as the sky- A.M Sixty
  2. Here in my home- Malaysian Artistes For Unity
  3. Er Juo Ju- Wang Lan Yin
  4. Making Love Out of Nothing at all- Air Supply
  5. If I Never See You Again- Wet Wet Wet
  6. Boston- Augustana
  7. Something to talk about- Badly Drawn Boy
  8. Close to you- Carpenters..and many many many more..:P

8 things I learnt in the past year:

  1. I should shop less. I’ll say the same thing next year
  2. Never judge somebody at face value
  3. Close one both eyes.
  4. Ignorance is bliss
  5. Bitching does indeed decrease your karma
  6. Im no longer as nice as i thought used to be.
  7. It hurts to know some friends only come to you when they need something. Whatever the reason may be.
  8. i am still superstitious

8 people I tag:

  1. luiyan
  2. yieng
  3. flo
  4. mills
  5. sannie
  6. jenn
  7. peilian
  8. yumpo

honesty the best policy?

8 Sep

Went to BlueArrow with high hopes that we could register so perhaps can work a day or two before leaving for Italy.

Then i have to open my Big Mouth and say that we’re not gonna be available next week.

Then the lady said perhaps we could go back and register after we get our school’s timetable next semester.

If only i didnt open my mouth and lied, i would be registered already. But i was afraid that if i dont say that and they try contacting me next week i wont be available and they might stop calling us for jobs altogether.

I dunno if i did the right thing.

Sigh, so now im stuck at home, bored, broke and jobless:(