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7 Sep

It was part of the summer itinery i presume. But we were all so caught up with school work and exams we never found time to attend pub nights on wednesday organised by Jim Wilson. Until 3 days back. Now that exams are officially over, and jobless, we decided to give the pub night a go.

It was held in Soho this week. Flo said Committee Room was much better.

When we walked in it was kinda awkward. Evrything was hushed and everybody looked up for awhile before they resumed with their conversation. It was weird. But at least we got their attention. Even for just a minute:P

Said hi to Mr Jim Wilson and found a cosy spot. We were obviously the sesated group there. And it doesnt help being one of the latest there.

Girls being girls, we found ways to entertain ourselves.:P We camwhored:P

the girls

all of us

It was then the whole bunch of international students came over and combined tables with us. I thought it was nice of them to be friendly. And I thought some were cute too:P

And the cutest one according to meiwen whois ryan cabrera lookalike so happened sat next to me where i was ‘strategically’ placed-the edge of the table.

We chatted up a storm and ahyi decided to abandon the conversation halfway due to some reasons. blueks.

Everybody was chatting then including the other girls so it got a little noisy.Hence he had to move an inch closer otherwise i might as well be making sign languages to him:P Then i heard cameras clicking away. Semua orang jahattllaa:P

Im very shy wan marr:P And thanks meiwen for preserving my anonymity. It doesnt matter. my name is splashed all over karen’s blog so no mystery there. And its no big deal also. But if it gives my girlfrens the pleasure of fantasizing about him when they do the teasing thing i’ll just keep quiet lor. As long as theyre happy. See, that should increase my karma another notch:P

Anyhow,  we decided to adjourn to another club since the night got a lil boring. Felt kinda bad never say proper goodbye. Hope we didnt cemar nama baik Msia. We Malaysians do bid proper adieu under normal circumstances.hehe

Then i fell in love. With Bamboo:) Ive never really enjoyed clubbing in Malaysia with random cinapeks trying to grab ur ass and being engulfed in ciggies’ smoke. Ok the music might not be exactly up to date but the place reminded me alot of MOS in Spore where different part of the club plays diff genre of songs. We stuck to r&b and hiphop.

And eyecandies were aplenty too. Guy and girls alike. Had a good time drooling over some:P

Must go back next wednesday:) i miss Bamboo already. and i hope pub night will be somewhere more happening next week.

Next day, we were dead bored so watched Babylon AD with the guys. PLS it is so NOT recommended. The plot in the beginning was alright but towards the end it felt like the director ran out of money and had to cut the movie short. Might as well watch Dark Knight for the 3rd time.

kebab for supper in outside in the cold cold night

On Friday, we decided to pay Pollock House a visit since Ken had been raving on how beautiful it was. We needed to kill time and it has to be done on a budget. Its cheap to get there and could picnic (homecooked food-cheap). Sad case. Italy is gonna be so mempokaikan huhuhu.

But the place was far from sad. The Burrell gallery housed from beautiful stained glass, to armours to silks frm the middle east and breathtaking tapestries.

kissy kissy

interesting sculpture:P

massive stained glass collection

not vertically challenged.hehe

ignore the 2 hantus

the throne

pretty details

We also saw highland cattles along our way to the house. None gave us any damn though. Not even a flying stone by Ken that landed with a thud on their 5 inches thick fur got their attention. Sedihnya.haha

I think they were shaved not very long ago

Lunch time..wheee~~

Our food tasted like they came straight out from a fridge. It was THAT cold.

some chinese pancakes

steamed mantous..

lemongrass fried rice with bratwursts

ulou yang camera sensitif

After lunch-recharged-wackiness maximus

We also paid a visit to the beautifully sculptured gardens which won the Best European Garden award 2008. Not bad wei:) Naturally we spent hours camwhoring when we could easily cover the place in much less time. I could see regret in the guys’ eyes. LOL. Then Ken decided to be the ‘harsh’ guide and practically shooed us from one part of the garden to the next. blueks.

got proof ok

the girls

we were awed by the flora and beautifully sculptured garden all over. But i thought the gardens in Hampton  Court palace was much nicer

i swear this flower felt like plastic

this reminded me of some tribal skirt

i found something bigger than my face..oo la la

It then rained on us halfway through. Nothing could deter us from doing what we love most. CAMWHORE:P

I was the only one that erected my umbrella though. The only future healthcare professional that cares:P Others were too busy concocting their ANTM poses they didnt mind getting wet. Wet is sexy anyways.haha.

Since we were running out of time, we only entered the basement of pollock house. The £5 saved was spent on candies and postcards instead. bleah. mou tak kau:P

So that basically sums up how i spent my past few boring days.

Plus its so quiet at home cos our neighbours went to Manchester. Its so quiet its eerie.

Anyways i dyed my hair today. with Loreal Recital Preference Dark Red Ultra Violet. The colour is not that obvious but at least my haircolor is even now. And it was gel-like hence i sent a few splotches of red gel on my carpet and my chair. It now looks like a murder scene or sth close to that.

And went to the GYM. Ppl were shocked when they heard that. It about time to get my lazy ass to sweat. It felt good. Looking forward to aerobics next monday:)

AND sorry for the lack of updates.

Blame Moonlight Resonance lar. Im so addicted its unhealthy.haha. I cant wait for the next epi.

And Gossip S2 is out. Im totally in love with Chuck Bass. And what is wrong with Nate, screwing an older married rich lady. oops. spoilerr..haha

Anyways my neighbours came bac today with egg tarts and stories from Old Trafford. I cant wait to go huhuhu.

Peilian u better be ready for my arrival:P Cant wait to see you!!


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