the i cannot tahan list

3 Oct

so after reading cheesie’s blog, i was inspired by her recent kenot tahan list and thought i should come up with one too since most of my post sounded quite happy need couple of not so happy ones to balance thing up.

It kinda sucks tht you have to privatise certain post cos u are afraid that the subject in your post might read this and words+extra rempah ratus will circulate around and before you know it the toilet cleaner might come up to you one day and ask ‘why do u hate him/her so much ar?’

And then you would have to come up with a clarification post which might be time consuming to concoct and makes matter worst. Mafanness..

so here goes…

  1. I kenot tahan people who spits on the road or anywhere else. yikes
  2. I kenot tahan people who calls themselves perfectionist and reminding everybody around them of that fact
  3. I kenot tahan goody goody people. Its revolting.
  4. I kenot tahan attention seekers. Chronic ones
  5. I kenot tahan seeing other people being lambasted by another peer on the same level. In my ideal world ONLY mothers, fathers, yeemakucheh, superiors, possess the authority to speak in a tone a few notches higher than usual to another person beneath them. Other than that, everybody should be treated with equal level of respect and tone.
  6. I kenot tahan people with bad temper. My mum was like that last time hence my rebellious nature. I used to argue with her last time and i thought nothing can be worst than that. I was so wrong. Each time i come across someone like that i really want to mash them up into a pulp. But of course i didnt. I wont even say anything. I am that CIVILISED.
  7. I cannot tahan show offs.
  8. I kenot tahan the coldness of Glasgow’s early autumn. Did i say EARLY? wtf. Its only 5 degrees at times. And the leaves are all still green. wth
  9. I kenot tahan when people say ‘ANYTHING lar’ or ‘UP TO YOU lar’ and dont mean it AT ALL.
  10. I kenot tahan people who backstabs. Sadly to say i am no exception. I hate myself for this.
  11. I kenot tahan changes when it puts your friendship to test.
  12. I kenot tahan people who thinks the world of themselves and that theyre better than others. Subconsciously or not.
  13. I kenot tahan people who complains at all the wrong timing and all the time.
  14. I kenot tahan shoe odour. The ‘sexy’ aroma is offputting.
  15. I kenot tahan people who mumbles.
  16. I kenot tahan calculative people. In every aspect.
  17. I kenot tahan selfish people.
  18. I kenot tahan processed strawberries except for those in haagen dazs’ strawberry cheesecake.
  19. i kenot tahan peas
  20. I kenot tahan not eating tomyam min once a week
  21. I kenot tahan bland tasteless food.
  22. I kenot tahan moving to three different buildings in three hours for three different classes. Its freezing outside for heavens’ sake
  23. I kenot tahan my ugly handwriting.
  24. I kenot tahan people who only come to you or speak to you when they need something from you.
  25. I kenot tahan people who break their promises.
  26. I kenot tahan people who doesnt know the existence of a fine line that divides sarcasm and plain rudeness.
  27. I kenot tahan dimness or darkness. My room has to be bright.
  28. I kenot tahan lameness but it makes me laugh:P
  29. I kenot tahan extreme quietness.
  30. this list can really go on. but ive got to get ready for class. so ciao!

ps: i love the sun today! makes me happy:)

So what is your ‘I kenot tahan list’?

id like to tag luiyan, yieng, meiwen, karen, kum, peilian and flo

2 Responses to “the i cannot tahan list”

  1. gobi October 3, 2008 at 6:29 pm #

    hey hey ,

    after reading this , i have a strong feeling that you hate me ……

  2. huiyen October 3, 2008 at 7:23 pm #

    lol. as much as u hate the jpas no i dont hate you. surprisingly. LOL.

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