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10 ways to pose with an LV paper bag

6 Oct

Yes, we are wuliao people. As soon as Karen purchased her bag in Champs Elysees it became the subject of our camwhore session.

with Arc De Triomphe and Louvre in the background.


1. Her considered ‘normal’ pose

2. Effortless casual walking shot.

3.  The owner’s hiao pose

4. I cant think of anything else pose

5. Covering your skinny body with the bag pose

6. Ala Lacoste

7. Kissy kissy

8.  And yet another of her ‘normal’ pose

9. Flo really cant let go uh

10.  For world peace. LV’s latest campaign

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LV better pay us girls for helping them promote.

We are not pro models. Just talented camwhores.

ps: Im still lazy to blog about my trip.

Im still going thru my 24G worth of piccies im throwing up BLOOD already.

argh and some kind hearted soul pls sponsor me a DSLR!!