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21 Oct

After 1 month, and looking through gazillion pictures, i’ve decided to talk about our trip in italy and paris. Mind you its been a month so please dont expect me to remember everything accurately. i dont even remember the colour of my shit yesterday wth.

So, we were the epitome of budget travellers which include overniting in the airport and cleaning up in public toilets wth. Met some new friends, we entertained each other the whole night and then bid adieu when it was time for us to catch the first bus in the morning.

yes we slept with kakeat and gang. We had ‘fun’ with each other too!

evidence no 1

evidence no 2. threesome:P

us with our new found friends. It was nice meeting you guys!!!

First stop. Perhaps our only stop. We basically lepaked around milan central and did all those touristy stuffs.

vittorio emanuele.

with the duomo (cathedral). think it looks like Sagrada Familia, the unfinished church in Barcelona by Gaudi. We were awed by the inticate details and carvings on the whole marble structure. It was simply breathtaking.

In the duomo

after a satisfying meal in McD, we made our way up the duomo.

Up we went. camwhored abit here and there. then we resumed climbing. It was a tiring journey.

we were huffing and puffing, but it was all worth it for THIS!

the duomo’s rooftop.

the view from top. cantikNyeerr

Hence the most natural thing we did was of course CAMWHORE. Must make full use of our few euros we paid to get up there. We hogged the place for more than 1 hr if im not mistaken.

Armed with our mediocre point and shoot lens,

some jumped

a sexy candid shot of flo

wuen was so high she started taking off her jacket..LOL

then i joined in the fun:P

we cabut before the guard or something comes to shoo us with a broomstick.

Its gelato tiMee. wheeee~~~~

Our first gelato in italy and was not our last. This was like the main substrate that initiated the whole craving cascade. After that 1 day without gelato will immediately send us into a withdrawal gelatoless fit. oK. sounds more like me but i thought i am representative of the whole population no?

We then head back to the guest house to get some beauty sleep. Our dark circles were practically spilling frm the brim of our eyes

after we were refreshed, energized and fully recharged

the nonsense resumed…

minum air

masuk air

pancut air

meiwen almighty

wanted to enter the castle but due to time constraint because of our excessive camwhoring we didnt go in. In short, the place was closed..boohoohoo

So we cari makan and ended up in Caffe Portioli which overlooks the duomo. Its highly recommended NOT!! We were probably the only customers there. Our food tasted like it came out of a microwaveable pack. How hard can it be to cook palatable spaghetti? Learnt our lesson well and will only enter a restaurant if its jam-packed with people. It works that way in Italy.

View of the duomo at night

Teatro alla Scala

We found something more interesting than the theater

inside vittorio emanuele. Damn posh!

starhill gallery equivalent:(

their McFlurry was made of gelato..Im so jealous OMG

That basically sums up our day in Milan. Its not my favourite city. Nothing much to see apart from the duomo and unless ure loaded with cash it should be an ideal place to shop for designers goods. We were only armed with camera and meagre amount of cash so well. haha. Can only afford postcards lorrr:P

Stay tuned for Venice. Will find the time to filter through 948329493247237 piccies and blog about them. Damn malas now.

Ciao Milano!!