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dreams do come true

29 Oct

Yes it does. For a few of us at least.

Steph was prolly close to orgasm when she saw her Ronaldo in Old Trafford sometime ago. She couldnt stop swooning over him after the match. According to her she could also count his black pores. jialat

Shianyi and Vince is probably gonna scream their lungs out later in Old Trafford.

Jase Ken and gang will probably tear with joy watching Liverpool win tonight. Or otherwise.LOL. Its Meiwen’;s bday and lets not forget what she wished for.LOL

For me, it comes in a bulky package, armed with so many buttons to fiddle with im confused at times. 😛 But i love exploring, *ahem* and hence i hope i will be able to produce decent outcomes with my new gear. Im definitely not a pro and cant afford all those megaexpensive lens. Im a noob.lOl. anyways thanks mummy for sponsoring my fetish:) It is now an early bday pressie since i cant ask too much for xmas cos ive already asked for passing pp3 hence i cant be too greedy or santa might get pissed and set my chimney on fire or whatever wth im talking nonsense here:P

It was only half a year ago when i wished for this. Haha. Im now thankfulxinfinity that Subway hired me. Even though i burnt part of my pay on this i felt more satisfied than 100bags+coats put together.

And thank god im not going out of the country for winter hols. Tics were conveniently sold out and most were just too ex. lol. With the extra cash, a few more coats and new bags will make me an even happier girl:P