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and THEN theres another one…

23 Nov

Yes, loudao is another year older today. It even snowed on his bday omfg how lucky is that.

Due to our horrible sense of timing, he had to blow his candles TWICE.

haha. I hope the guys didnt torture u too much last night:P


him blowing his erm candles.:P

img_33491a big peck for his darling that made this possible:)

oh and on a random note…

img_3247this cake had definitely prove to be a challenge to our most expert cake cutter:P. She practically butchered it:P


one of the jakun asians enjoying the snow:P soree i know it looks like rain. this pic doesnt do the snowstorm any justice:P


21 Nov

overslept again.

I SWEAR with all my heart i wanted to attend 1 hour of lecture today.

Instead, i woke up to find that i only have 10 mins to get ready before meeting my supervisor. Was suppose to print my graph and show him but didnt managed to. Haha. That depicts how enthusiastic i am about my research:P

DId a LIL shopping today. Cos it was Hari Kebesaran Shianyi. Sales were everywhere, so i decided to join in the fun. I better keep myself confined in my room next time.haha.

Oh and before i forget,

to my most favourite ipoh housemate,

HAPPY 23RD boofday ahyi!!!

LOVE U LOTS. and hope u like ur pressies!!..XOXOXOXOXOXO

img_2927whoa she tried so hard to look surprised:P

img_3027erm she was so high she gave the cake a BLOWJOB? *shakes head*

hope u had a great bday darliiinng:)

lab phobia

18 Nov

ive not bitched for a very long time. Nor did i hit the shopping malls in like gazillion years already. Im like on a financial draught. Ive been so good, but how come my karma is still mediocre. My guinea pig ileum tissue died on me last week. It was my mistake for letting water in. My bad. But this week, it just didnt respond at all.

Straight line. No peaks. Not even with stock solution. Babi.

Not again.

I dont exactly have the most nimble fingers around to tie knots around the ends of the ileum and attach it to the transducer so each time i managed to i feel like doing little victory dance around my tissue bath.LOL

But it died. Which means i had to do it again. 2 weeks in a row. Ppl must think im crazy since ive resorted to talking to my ileum. Coaxing it. wth what is wrong with me.

Thank god the lab assistants are the nicest ppl around. If not for them i’ll prolly just strangle myself with the intestine or drink the whole bottle of acetylcholine.:P

On a random note, i REALLY x infinity love Manchester. To bits. I miss the food there already. And oh of cos chabo peilian..haha..later she terasa pulak.:P

Ps: ive never coughed so much my boobs hurt wth. i hate the cold bug!

A day in Nott

10 Nov

I envy those who get to experience autumn full blast in Nottingham. Or anywhere else in the world.

For those in Glasgow, before the poor leaves had the chance to turn yellow or brown, they were all ripped off by the ferocious wind/gale.  And now it hails. Having sunlight now is like waiting for the rain to come during draught.

Randomness on our way there.


flo and her book


some slept


some was busy socializing


i was caught paparazzing lieo juiuns hot spanish hsemate:P


Miss Ginger


His considered normal pose




we were lost. we were not participating. the opening ceremony was over. and then we saw pretty trees. so well u know what happens next.LOL. random pics ahead


img_1349at the football match.

such avid supporters we were.

rain or shine


with frozen legs


frozen hands


we stood by our teams.

LOL. ACTUALLY, it started raining and we took off to makan wth. Apparently the sun came out right after we left wth.


the guys in action…..

img_1373alvin bertungkus lumus. a very rare sight.LOL


whoa! Ken can kick ball

img_1426Jase sending the ball to opponent? ngek ngek

img_1430loudao so yeng wan. Macam tarian melayu

basically, even though they lost, it doesnt matter. At least they did put up a good fight 🙂


Lunch at the cafeteria was the highlight of the whole day. We ate nasi lemak, nasi ayam rempah, cucur udang, satay, curry puffs, cendol, etc etc. so happy omg *big wet eyes*


we then adjourned to the volleyball court to watch our team in action. they made it to semi finals. but were thrown against last years champ, the notts team. But we were so good the score was neck to neck. The referee sucked like hell. Lost 1 point cos of his absentmindedness. And that one point cost us at least a silver. It was so damn kanceong ok. It was a superb game nevertheless!



the kanceong supporters

After that some hit the city centre and some took off to meet their frens. Some of us just stayed back and lepaked around. We were too tired and too lazy. But all we did was only scream and camwhore. LOL

I must say i like the overall huge campus-ish feeling in general but i wouldnt give up the convenience of running to aldi when im short of eggs or my 10mins walk to buchanan when i need a new bag:P

Glaswegians love fireworks

7 Nov

And so do i:P

Fireworks explosions could be heard all over Glasgow cos it was Bonfire night last night.

And earlier in Glasgow Green we were greeted with West End musical themed fireworks which was totally AWESOME. It was more like a musical fireworks. Something like musical fountain but in the sky. Go figure. Throngs of Glaswegians flooded the whole place. I mean like seriously. I had no idea where all these ppl came from. Neemeng the brilliant said maybe they lived underground. LAME. Oh btw, its his bday today. Happy BirTHDAY ah Meng!! Hope your dream of becoming a superhero one day will come true:P

Some shots i managed to snag earlier:P















Did i mention i really really love fireworks?:P

It was worth giving up my subway shift and cityhall job for this:)

Ok gotta sleep. ciaoz

i want eyelash that flutters too…

4 Nov

Renu’s baby cuzzie is the cutest thing ever. Armed with 2 sets of superbly long eyelashes and his fetish for magnets i couldnt help but became his paparazzi:P

That was much more fun than boring journals:P

He was terrified of me at first. He was running away:P



crying cos he hates bathing:P


renu showcasing her maternal side..



He then warmed up to me and started runs in the family heh:P



He was so fast i wish my cammie can take 6.5fps..LOL..

Im so jealous of his eyes!!!:P

HELL oh ween

1 Nov

Was at work earlier and met the most idiotic crude barbaric jackass in my whole life. PLS unless u have sky high tolerance level and have ultra thick face, do not accept jobs for Crowne Plaza Hotel. He discriminates against agency ppl or so i heard. And oh yes i was his lucky target today. Hope he rots in hell. DIE DIE DIE

On a happier note, my 50mm lens arrived today..whooo Weee~~

was fiddling with it and found myself some reluctant models..LOL

jac acting cute LOL

shy jamie bidding on ebay..LOL

okla gotta sleep working tmr sumore. NItes

Happy halloween!!!